The Kingston Daily Freeman, Volume 33, June 10 1907, Page 5

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WILD WEST SHOWS Si'KNES f'K YEARS AGO Amon< the man> t M»nM d»-p;i-tin^ «■•-••■ r. :."■ .r. Ms e^.i ilay< whiih will In- ' as part of Buffalo B. when it Tisits thin i Holiday at T-E Ran. ii ." In taal *■«<■ tbe pleasures and aasttases of the plainsman will he d»'pi. -v.l. H,--3por-< and amasements » :ll i*- r.--enaeted with the *am> I which marks al! the bnVßßjaa of CM. Willism F. Cody's rentarkj' bitioa. The scene painter has reproduce.l with a* nrich cucihm as circumstances wil' p. rmi' the ram !i hoa4 of Col. i"o«y *a& i ~ snrroaaaV lags. T-E Ranch is the win'er aaaac of Buffalo Bill, ia Wyoming, n-ar Cody, a amaasmai city whirh hjaa l>een named la hi* honor. I is rhat Buffalo Bill .spends b tions between of his historic exhibition. The sren»-depict» a trpical i«whor holiday an.l the sports sad pleasures of the plaiub:an are enacted m druif. Ray Thompsoa's troupe of . brcarbos and mustangs N also atroaaaßj m the ranch scene They ara the Orst western horses rha: hay even been trained to duplicate fh • feats of thorou- : As a climax to their exhibit, one of the ponies jumps over a -able. wh«>r>' i rroap of diners nrr» n N*Ter before haie MM arrompli^'jments of these ponies b»-en a:empr»->l by horse trainers, for it has beea an arrested belief that brom-hn* and' mustangs could nor be trained to dnj exhibition "wants ." The holiday fesrhities are interrupted by an at-! tack by Indians and the remslinsie action shows m a s'i»ia^ ni.inn. ■ the perils of life during tt.- era oi" the pioneer :^filers <■>( OM p::.in.s ' Other typical western scaaaa, aaaa air melodrama;, m tact, wi : Ba.tle of .Summit Spring- .ml "T!i Great Tram BsaM-Ca ' M Mrikanaly different, srill T^pi<-., r scenes. Add to these di.irai. Congress of Rough Riders of On* World and it wil! be natal] ■ fain Bill prt— en's ;t:. rainment nniiit'e m ihjr.ii.r ami! strictly alone ia Its class aBMW-; j opea air amu-st ments.

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