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PAID PENALTY AT SING SING THIS MORNING. Hy T.lo-rnph to The Freeman. Ossining, N. Y.. July 20. — Charles H. Rogers and Angelo Laudlero were electrocuted in Sin* Sing prison early today. Tnn contacts were given in each case, before death resulted. Rogers was the first taken to the chair. His execution at t:H a. m. was without special incident. In the case of Laudiero. a bright flame from the electrodes at his head was noticed, after the first contact and an odor of burning hair pervaded the room immediately after. Rogers' spiritual comforter was | Chaplain Jones. Laudlero was accompanied by Fathers Mahom-y and Benedicto. Laudlero's execution occurred at 1:11 a. m. The crimes for which Rogers *oday paid the penalty were the killing of Willis and Frederick Olney. lumbers, at their farm house near Middletown. N. Y.. October 6, 1905. and soon after the murder of Alice Ingerick. daughter of Mrs. Georgia Ingerick. the housekeeper, whom he also assaulted and left apparently dead. His object was later was arrested In Los Angeles, Cal. Laudiero was electrocuted for the murder of Michael DeOmbro. In New York. December 14, 1906. following ' an old feud.

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