The Kingston Daily Freeman, Volume 35, January 13 1909, Page 6

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■ P Craiit. Jr.. entertained friends I at progressive euchre at hi* hoci* on ; John swi Tuesday evening. Flrat | I.iize was won by Miss Minnie Bayaar, second prize by James Rowe. conaolation j.rize by Raymond Snyder. All had a deliKD'.'ul time. UIWELL CUB .> the Lowell Club mot at ba :.ii,l the MHm! ing was the program for tbe afternoon: Assyrian (i«<ls. ' paper, . Adrian Euniire and Tlulah 111." Mrs. Van Lmven; SarKon and St-nnaf!.«-i -:b." H lam: r>adine Seana<>. - Martin will eniertaln Th - esraaaai and sole at feat* for ih»- mno-r'ratUraaj An unusually rood I ba .lilir, .«.nrw jnd ye. laara are still ma::., ejceel'ent I He had Tnooirh ihe seatinKi caaaritj of the opera house is much rrroter than that of ibe V. Ml Hall. r-v. -. >ni sh>«ld be tnken for r ■ Ufore :he dale art. January 19. *

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