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Miss Willa Kirk and Harvey Hover In New Paltz. Miss Mav Steinhilber and Roy Mowell at Bloomington. Miss Maude Ten Hagen and William Van Wagenen in Wallkill. Miss Ethel Bishop and Floyd Barnard in Kerhonksnn. Jl'LY. 3.— Alice A. Rose and J. E. Decker Of Kingston, in Oneouia. 4.— Miss Pauline Dawes and Peter Hammer in Marlborougn. Miss Ida Eckert of I'nion Center and Arthur Palmer, in Albany. 7— Miss Zola Sawyer and Philip M. Damnis in Ellenville. Miss Cora Doolittle and Orville Foeller in Phillipsport. 8. — Miss Marion Blair and James J. Hartt in Plattekill. 11 Miss tlussie I.. Mott and Allen Qulgley in Esopus. Miss Mary c. Mara and Thomas Harding of Kingston in Newburgh. 15.— Miss Welt ha Delamatcr and George Kenny in Shandakeu. Miss Elizabeth A. Itop.-r of Oak Ridge and George Sheridan in Middletown. 17. — Miss Armenia Stalburg ami Henry Niebergall in Tarrytown 24.— Miss Claudia M. Johnston and La Yerne R. Jones at Woodstock. Miss Margaret Pollard and Eliot N. Smith of New Paltz iu Keen.', N II 28.— Mrs. William Moore and M' Kin Schryver in Esopus. Miss Abigail C. Radin and Harry Brown of Saugc.-ties ill Brooklyn. Miss Florence E. Honghtallng and Herbert R. Dullois in I'm t Evvcn. 29.— Miss Margaret Mitchell and Daniel Lane in Ellenville. Miss Helen Ennist and Francis W. MrKean in New York. 30.— Simeon Morse mid Miss Carrie la, Krom in Ellenville. AFCl'ST. 2.— Miss Lillie Hornbeck and Thomas Kenney in Saugerti.s. 3. — Miss Beatrice Sampson and Claude Z. Brand In New York. 4— Miss Rise Cox of Saim.rties ami Charles Evans in Albany. Miss Nellie Clearwater and Ray B. Walker of Cotteklll in Brooklyn. 4. — Miss Anna A. Williamson and Joseph A. Troli., so in (*inion. N. J. 7 - Miss Bertha Short of ibis city and George Dingnian in Jersey Cits Frances R. Lyon and I^ingdon Greenwood in Saugerties. 14— Miss (il-n 1'iang and John G. Lucas in Highland. Miss Emma M. Countryman and Robert T. McKenni iu Ellenville. 15. — Miss Lucy Hebron and Joseph J. Morrow of Marlborough, in New- York. 16.— Miss Maliel E Sheeley and Floyd J. Nield in Ellenville. 18.— Miss Nettie Burrows and F. Roy Esty in MariDoroagh. 19.— Miss Lena Horn and Stanley- Stickles in Ellenville. 20.— Mary Slater and Levi Tolivcr in Stone Ridge. 25. — Miss Elizabeth Lindt and Arthur Eck in Ellenville. Miss Harriet Mitchell and Floyd L. Crouse In Stone Ridge. ,19— Edith F. Hotaling and Wallace _W. Itoycf In K.....I, Itoiidout. Wsi. — Miss N.lll.- '< Hi null.,, nnrt Arthur d. Schoonmaker or New Paltz, m Poughkec-psie. SEPTEMBER. 1. — Miss Minnie Kaiser and Justin D. Schoonmaker in New Paltz. 4— Miss Nellie Freligh and Louis Mlckle in Olasco. Miss Clara Lewis and Ferdinand Berg in Rifton. 5.— Miss Bllasbeth Markle and Archibald Miller in Patatikunk. 7— Miss Elizabeth Burke and Edward O'Connell in Binnewater. 8. — Miss Eva Constable and George Hart of New Paltz in I'nion Hill. N. J. 10— Miss Sara Firth and Walter C. Smith in Phillipsburg. N. .1. 11.— Daniel T. Hughes and Olive E. Townscnd in Napanoch. ■Miss Anita D. Wilmarth and Henry D. Tremper in New York. 12. — Miss Laura Wolvcn and Harry Garrison in Saugerti.s Miss Mabel Conklln and Byron Brown in New Pallz. 13.— Miss Mabel Ball and Charles Stanley in Saugerties. 14. — Miss May Vedder and Rudolph Kurka ill Ellenville. Miss Cora Dcpuy and Russell Miller in Mettacahonts. Miss taobelte McCarthy and Frank Shaw of Marlborough, in Newbungh. 15— Miss Melissa Ellsworth and Elvln Hutchings in Port Ewen. Miss Anna E Ward and Charles W. Donaldson in Newburgh. Miss Flossie Krum and Fred Soper In Ulster Park. Mrs. Hattie Hogan and Alfred Van Aken in Eddyvjllc. Miss Nellie Rhltvohard and Clarence Ackerman in New Paltz. Miss Florence Decker and Lloyd Plass in Poughkeepsic. Miss Edith Young and George W. Sisson in Marlborough 18.— Mrs. Sarah Rose nf Forest Yalley and James Van of The Branch, in Westkill. 22.— Miss Mabel Breckel and Reese A. Smith in Mt. Pleasant. Miss Florence Myers and Roy Clark I* Tillson Miss Florence lliraen and Lewis Glppert in Saugerties. Miss Florence V Moon and Walter E. Davis in Catskill. Miss Mabel Crane and Aaron Van DeBogart in Woodstock. 23— Miss Bertha M Van Keuren and George P. Harris In Oneonta. 27— Miss Grace Smith and Charles Bleecker of New Paltz, in Poughkeepsle. Miss Myrtle Roosa and Frank Ostcrlioudt in Stone Ridge. 28.— Miss Edith Kelley and Avery Burton in Belleayre. 29.— Miss Ethelyn Vlnlng and Maurice Plank In New Salem. OCTOBER. 3. — Miss Mary Weber and Benjamin Darby in Ellenville. Miss Mams Tarwllllger and Leroy Heiidrii l.son In New Paltz. 4.— Miss Rulh A. Stewart and King W. Mac Murray In Saugerties. 5— Miss Maliel L. Myer and William E. Genthner in Mt. Marlon. Miss Isabelle Hoffman and Thomas Revnobls in Ellenville. alias Edith G. Holbrook and Arthur

R. Holbrook of New Paltz, in North Qrafton, Mass «.— Mrs. Sarah T. Morison and Arthur D. Polhenius in Rlfton. Miss Carrie Brennan and Abram Wood in Pine Hill. Miss Marjorle E. Avery and Percy S Haines in Greenville. 7. — Miss Florence Hunt and Ihe Rev. Frank Content in Bedford. 8.— Miss Stella H. Van Home and Ralph B. Longyear in Phoenicia. 9.— Miss Edilh M. Fowler and Henry Deant ill Port Ewen. Miss Florence Bunt and Clinton Riekerson of Saugerties, in Tannersville. Miss Cella Van Etten of Tabasco and Charles L Jones of Ellenville. in.— Anna Turner and Silas Van Wagenen in Gardiner. Miss Josephine Freer and Fred Miller in Highland. 12. — Miss Let tie Boyce and Jeremiah L Poster in Ellenville. Miss Emeline J. Crosby and Willis S. Davis in Ellenville. 11. — Miss Ora Hall and Cornelius Hornbeck of Ellenville. in Claryvllle. Miss Carrie Shelter and Albert Masten in Marlborough. Miss Bess Pratt and W. It Oldfield in Highland. 15. — Lauretta B. Gordon and Jonathan B. Edwards in Accord, 17.— Miss Ellen Stapleton and Carl ('arisen in Rosendale. Miss Frances Eckert and Clifford Johnson In Marlborough. 2". — Miss Clara Kuliniin and Charles it. Myer in Wawnratag. Miss Hwh Stratum and Cameron Van Tassell of Greenfield, in Mountainda'e. Miss [Catherine Rauner and Charles H. Eck in Ellenville. Miss Jmnie Louise Seitz and William ]' Miller in Newburgh. Miss Jennie Callahan and James F. Leahy in BawkllL Miss Ethel Frear and Ward V. Bunting in Accord. Mirs Olive Matte*, and Davton Relyea in West Wallklll. Miss Mildren C. Whtttcn and Even it ii Scott in Pin Bush. '•' Margaret Flero and It, E. Reisiu ., r In Stcne Ridge. 27.— Miss Lena p.. Patten and Alfred Davis in Milton. Miss Mary F. Ambrose and Aaron Van Kleeck in Rosendale. Miss Mabel H Royce and Blake i: tti s in Ellenville. 28.— Miss Alt hea L. Schoonmaker and Louis Hewlett in New York. 30.— Mrs. Abide Oakley of Rlooniington and Charles Markle in Hoboken. N. J. St. — Miss Hazel Wase and Charles 1 hi rick in W.v.dstock. NOYEMREH. 2. — Miss Millie Upright and Josiah Schoonmaker in Highland. Mi.-s Maiion Matthews and Emerson Smith in Bloomington. ; :i. — Mirs Dora M. ITliilhiBM] and Ed! ward Conway In Harrington Park N J. ' Miss Mary J. McDowell and Stanley Sheeley in Ellenvill. 6. — Miss Maty Maloney an& Jolin Carden in Ellenille. Miss Carrie Weeks aid Lata I ttu-li.ile, in I'.ll.K.-... € •" 7. — Mies VI. ,•■•;.■ Ke.ln.i iinl nun Akerly In Phoenicia. * Miss Henrietta Grefe and Ralph Wygant of Mai thorough, in Hoboken, N. !J-S— Miss Celeste Ribble and the Rev. G. W. Strovvb: idge in Asburv Park, N. .1 9. — Miss Pauline Hassell and Thomas C. Hoornbeck iu Montclair, N. J. Miss Grace Mower and Dwight Van Busklrk in Saugerties. I" Miss Marian Williams and William llaviland in Highland. Mfat Josephine Eaton and K ank Sleight in Shokan. Mitt Jennie Moore and Leonard Stanton in West Camp. Miss Cornelia Davis and Burton A. Osterlioiidt in Saugsrties, Miss Alberta Holmes and Charles R. Miller in New Hurley. Miss Alice A. Foster and William Hirt lull in lister Heights. Miss Theresa Simons and Joseph Weatl 11 in Phoenicia. Mits Alice Golf and Harry Cleveland of Ellenville. In Pnwtucket, R. I. 11— Miss Helen Cornell and Milford Herd in Clintondale. Miss Bertha I Freer and CharleB N. Beardslee in New Salem. It, — Miss Carolyn Nichols and Dr. Charles ii. Kohier in Brooklyn. 14.— Miss Agnes McCabe and George McNally. Jr.. in Saugerties. 17.— Miss Llda Carson and Robert R. Cat son in Pacama. Miss Mary E. Sense and Frank C. Owen of Walden In Ileal 1 1 Ills 21.— Miss Linda Johnston and William Wilson in Gardiner. Miss K< w Bolce and Frank L. Joy in town of Kingston. Miss Jennie M. Ripley and Walter L. Flake of Marlboroagh, In Matteawan. Miss Anna Brnso and Thomas Dunn. Jr., in Rensselaer. Miss Mary Magins and Bernard M. Murray in Sawkiii. Mrs. Erie Smith of Highland and William H. Cole in Poughkeepsie. Mi.-s Margaret M. Kimich and Henry 11 Greene in New York. Miss Charlotte E. Warring and Floyd T. Hallenbeck of Ellenville in Albany. 25.— Miss Mary A. Ciowell aad Byron S. Galloway in Maiden. Miss Josephine Riseley and George Nehr in Woodstock. Miss Nora Eignor and Abram N. Smith in Pine Hill. Miss Grace M. Traver and Walter F. Jones in New York. Miss Lena E. Brooks and William Berry in Walden. 27— Miss Susie E. Mattison Perk and Henry M. Garrison of Wallklll in Middletown. 28— Miss Annie Snyder and Charles Miller in Blue Mountain. DECEMBER. 2— Mrs. Mary E. Bell and Albert H. Kelsey of West Camp, in Cairo. 4.— Miss Eva Winne and Egbert Smith in Ulster Park. 8. — Miss Aura Mullen and Fred S. Relyea in Hifton. 11. — Miss Mamie Beesmer and Ira Cote in Port Ewen. ' 11— Miss Ophelia M. Reiley and Charted Baxter in Marlborough. Miss Maltie Spindler and Harry W. Cromby, Jr., of Marlborough, ill New York.

13 . — Mrs. Rose Weeks and Gilbert K. Crlssey in Ellenville. Miss Betilah Tappen and Harvey Holllster in Rlfton. 14— Miss Sadie E. Nickerson and George llerron in Ellenville. I... Mis.- Bertha Hodly and John Johnson In West Camp. II.- Miss Anna Bernard and Henry Masten in Wallklll. Miss BarBh B. rater lot and William P. McCOonell in Marlborough. Miss Mabel Terwilliger and Silas Sheeley in New Paltz. IB.— Miss Dtlty Wells and Cornelius Mack in Wallkill 18. — Miss Lulu Every and L. Fitzgerald in West Shokan. 19.— Miss Elizabeth G Delaney and St. John llnrtsork in New York. 21— Miss Charlotte Boot! of Marlborough and Roy E. Clnpper in Newburgh. 22— Miss Cora H. Burrows of Marlborough and Clarl-nie G Salsbury In Madison. N. J. 23. — Miss Grace Masten of Kingston and William II. Talrott In Brooklyn 25.— Miss Eva Lewis and S. D. Barnes of Platteklll In Monroe. Mrs. Gus Werner and Homy Ehrickson of Highland in Poughkeepsie. 27. — Miss Georgle Thorp and Alonzo llotaling in Port Ewen. 29. — Miss Kathryn Hammond and John J. Fuller in New York. NECROLOGY. Deaths in Kingston mill of Local People Elsewhere. The following is a complete list of the deaths in the city of Kingston in lHO'.i. as shown by ihe records of the secretary of the "board of health: JANUARY. 1. — Jane A. Palen. aged B5 years Henrietta I). Reynolds, aged B7 years. Chauncey B. Hinman. aged 79 years. 2. — John J. Hannon, aged II years. I. — Bbenezer B. Washburn, aged 71 years. ! 5. — William Fennelly, aged 27 years. Herbert Christian, aged 1 day. John Wessman, aged Bo years. . . 6. — Edward Martinelli, aged I month. 7. — Michael CottelM, aged 59 years. 8. — Frederick G ruber, aged 4 4 years. 10 — Margaret Lawless, aged 34 years. Jennie Pat tie, aged 55 years. 11.— Edward R. Weiss, aged 19 years. James ditty, aged 35 years. 1 1. George W. VanDerburgh, aged 61 years. 13. — Joseph Wiehle, aged 69 years. 14. — Ann E. Frieze, aged 26 years. 15. — Lewis Robinson, aged SS years. John T. Madden, aged 4S years. 18. — Mara-..' a-. Mater, aged 6*1 year.. I 19 JoHtn Spader, aged 39 years 20. — Mary M. Whittaker, aged 75 years. 21. — Ephraim L. Ilutchings, aged 72 years. Helen Britt. aged I days. IS. Emma Van QtatbtBk, aged 56 years. Nancy R. Walker, aged 76 years. 23. — David Menmeter, aged sb years. Joseph Schatzel. aged 47 years. 24. — Martin Kohler. aged 63 years. Hiram Holme.-, a B ->d JJ years. David Green, aged 60 "years. 25. — Leokadija WssJow ski, aged 13 years. Charles M. Ryun. aged 72 years. 28.— -Catharine Hritt, aged's days Catharine Cagara. aged IS years. Sarah Cole, aged 93 years. Margaret Tompkins, aged 73 years. . ' 29. — Deborah Eckert. aged 75 years. Artemas S. Henry, aged 1 day. Lulu Carson, aged 3 months' Bridget Hayes, aged 67 years. 30. — Jane Sahler Hear*, aged II years. I'l.iilU'ARY. -'•• — Bernard .Moore, aged 1 year. 3. — Charles I'mber, aged 60 tears Maria Coffey, aged 77 years'. Walter M. Warren, aged 34 vear- William Harrington, aged" .",1 years. 4. — William F. Sheelev, aged 60 years. 5. — Bertha Porter, aged 19 years. 6. — John M. Devine. aged 4 6 years. William Diehl. aged 79 years. 7 — Matthew Boire. aged 61 vi-ars Mary Gosman. aged ss years. Arthur Lewis, aged 1 month s. -Mary C. Breslin. aged 17 years. 9. — Sarah E. Ctinyes, aued 7". years. Mary C Rafferty. aged 4 0 years. I.elttia Rothery. aged 4 7 rears 10.— Minnie M. Stelz, aged M years. I 3. - Annie F. Wellington, aged * < years. Margaret Telford, aged 63 years. ••■ — Eliza Gosman. aged 9° years | 16.- -James OBryan, aged 87 years. Prisoilla Ballard, aged 6S years. 17.— Winifred A. O'Brien, aged 61 IS- — Charles Pullman, aged 85 years. Bernard Allbrlght. aged 23 years 20.- — George Purcell. Francis C. Owens, aged 22 years. 21. — Gustavo Warner, aged 39 years. Minnie J. Alliger. aged 25 years William H. Wittaker, aged 51 years. Bridget Qulgley. aged 70 years. 22. — Matthew Burns, aged II years. Susanna at, Dougt.. trtj uge d 16 years. 23. — Henry Van Sleenbiirgh. aged S3 years. Jane Fallon, aged 86 years. It. Thomas .1. Fallon, ago,) || years. lsttc Decker, aged 61 yean.

25. — Mary J. Hardy, aged 49 i years. I -'7. Ann Brady, aged II years, MARCH. 1. Anna Steinfelilt. aged .', i years. Robert West, aged 7o veins. Ilotial A. ('usher, age, I :: days, Regina Katt, aged 71 years. Margaret Margraves, aged 7 1 I years. I. Henry T. Thomas, aged 7o years. I. Abraham It. San,!, . , years. Peter T. Breslin. aged S3 yean i ■* Hat tie Wynkoop, aged 18 years. Joseph Johnson aged I ■ Mary A. Winn,', aged 7 1 years. Anna m. Brock, aged 8 years. I I. Alpheus c I'rudeii. age 1 :'' years 1 I. Carmell.i II. f)i St. fan. i. aged i :i days. 16. Ivan Doni.is. a d Grace L. Shultis. agi 1 I 1 iv Ethel s. Batterlee. aged i: years. Jennie E. Clark, aged 31 vent's. 19.— Alvln W. Melle.h. aged 11 months. 21. Adelia M. Fran, isco. aged j 67 years. Tina B. Lasher, aged 55 years. , John T. Meder. aged I. years. 23. — Henry W. Short, age I 10 years. 24. — Edward Glcason, aged s months. I.e Crys Elva. aged 45 years. Pascal A. Nash, agerl ::.". years Lola M. Warren, aged 4 2 years 25. — John Beiehert. ag.-d II years. Stephan Wrobiewtkl, aged 8 months. J''. Kilitli 1>. Sparling, aged 2s years. Sol N. Pultz. aged 27 years. 27. — Robert Burns, aged 2 years, j Archibald Bill, aged 5| years. Mary H. Lawrence, aged v > 28. Rosa Cuneo. aged ,".:'. years. Mary J. Davis, aged 69 years. Harry Plough, aged 20 years, lane West, aged II years Nathan Davis, aged 54 years. 29. Eleanor Edge, aged 17 years, Lawrence Cull y. aged 16 yeai . APRIL 1 Anna S Ludliini, aged 7" years. James S. Murphy, aged 21 year-. 2- Eliza llutnber. age/. 7.", years. William Trough!, ae/d 19 years. 3. Johanna ( ' tj^jf a u ed Ml year Harrison Wiiif*!"* aged 7 1 years 4. — Alfreil Jei-Hs. aged 77 years. 6. — Sarah A liin. aged 7" year-. Kenneth Koskfe, aged 2 years. 7. Laura W. Miller, aged II years. Margaret Sick ar, aged 6 months John R. Stylet . • I 84 years. Joseph 0. Hvvv i ,ged 21 days. 9. Ethel Mil r. aged 36 years. Elizabeth She ban, aged 7" Ellas Mokazel age I I mon 10. — Augustui B. Van Huron. aged BS years. 1 12. — Richard 1 Cloonan, aged 63 '" Charles Is. l"M_rc ::6 year*. Frank SnydaaadBg - ears. 1 Grace ~H Coin Emily 11. Eti_R-ric'. aged I years. 16. — CharlesBTl. Pre in, aged 80 y ea rs. John T. WolfJ aged 2 months. J. Peter l.ounV-cti. aged 31 years. 17. Margar, ' 1, Plough, aged 7B years. k Ames Leopold, * -e,l ' ■. , ■ i: William Thon.:as. ag, ! 84 years. 18. Jane B. Hoyi, aged 7:t years. Stl iiv Dslkowd I. age I i teats. 19. — William/ Tester, aged 28 years. 5. Richard W. AnYtBcson. aged || years. 21. Mary Murgan^aged 36 years. Mary Doolan. aged Bo years. IS. Mary shorten, aged 66 years. Laden W. Randall, aged Bo years. ::: Ezekiel Fickler. ag.-.l 19 I years. 26. — Lottie J. Coutan'. aged .".1 [ years. 27— Catharine Hasenllue, aged 28 years. Norman ilrizee. aged 50 years, Catharine Cahill. aged 38 years. Anna D. Treniper. aged II years. 28.— -John Mutchler, aged .",.". years. Carrie Marsh, aged 48 tears. IP. George F. Brtelt, aged II years. Charles F. Lahl. aged 57 years. Frank Ellsworth, aged 51 yeara 30.— Catharine Killer, aged S5 yea is. MAY. 1. — Magdalene gat], aged 90 years. Hilda Henderson. 2 Marx Wetterhahn. aged 84 years. 3. — Jackson A. Phillip-, aged II years. Augustus Thomas, aged II yean. Edna Dreatet, ag"d 4 months. 4. — Anna Brandow. aged 51 years. William P. Metcalf. aged 38 years. 5. — MatO Grose- a. aged 21 years. Henry B. Thomas, aged 11 years. Rebecca Rockwell, aged 72 years. 6. Samuel B. Ti.e. age. I B< year-. Catharine Rider, aged II years. 7. — Christian Pufpaff. aged || years. v. Joseph A. Andrews, aged 5 years. Maria A. Alliger. aged .".7 years. 9. — Loretta R. Diamond, aged 10 years. 10. — Mary A. Belton. aged Bl years. 11.— Charlotte V. Johnson, aged B4 years 12— Elizabeth Borho, aged l months Andrew .1. Vaughan. aged so years. 13. — Lena A. Decker, aged 2B years. Hannah Fitzgerald, aged 57 years. 11. Rosaille Curtail, aged 1 day. II, — Edna M. S.ininmns, aged 10 months. 1 1 — Kenneth (i. Enibree. aged 1 sear. Wellington C. Shultis. aged 60 years. 17. — Julia Williams, aged tt' years. Tl-n-.-as Funis, aged 11 1 cars. A _k_ Rockefeller, aged IS year. limf in M. Abel, aged 14

Joseph transact*), aged 21 years. II Gtace Via Bramer, aged 23 years. Catharine M. Perkins. ag,-d II years. 20, Jennie ]•:. Best, aged || y ea is. 22. Robert Walker, aged 4u y, a.-. 23. Rebecca A. Coin, aged Ho Amos Swendel, aged 2 1 year-. 24. Emily Melntyre. aged 67 yeai t. 26. John Crane aged I 1 yeara. Sarah Brown, aged 84 years. Jane K. Osterhoudt. ageri u yeara, Margan v.m Wagenea, ag.-,l -,.: years. 26. Thomas Mclneraey, aged 10 years. 27. — Mary A. Hierhaum. aged II Michael Hirschlng, aged 86 years. 28. Peter Van Bnren, .1 . aged : 29. Sarah s. Folan;. aged year.-. Ann Grimes, aged 19 years. loseph T. Brinnler, aged IB years. Edward Howling, aged 6s years. John Marmion, aged 32 years. Ruth Elmendorf, aged 12 years. 31. Jan,- HrMahon, aged 60 years. Nathan VanAken. aged 62 years. JI'NE. I. Alhino Giro, aged 28 years. i ::. Frances Pinko-, aged l year.; 5, lames W. Wood, aged 62 year-'. Seeley Qua.konhush. aged 28 years. 7. Ellen W. Nichols, aged 70 years Moxham, aged 72 years. Pi ii. Short, Br„ tged 81 years. l n. Bchepmoee, aged 21 I 13 Oliver P. Carpenter, aged 68 years. I „• .1. Smith, aged 54 years. William Barry, aged '■'■" .cars. i i. William A. Nbrrla, aged 65 Patrick Kearns. aged 61 years. i: ! . ., I Molkr . aged 72 years. 13. Crecentla Recktenwald, aged 6 If,. Thomat J. Scanlon. aged 14 years. Jane Jofanton, aged 74 years. Elizabeth T. Webster, aged 67 years. 17. Eliza Stokes, aged 70 years. Thomas Burns, aged 17 years. 18. -Maria c. R i. aged II years. James McCardle, aged II years. II. Arthur J. Hutton. aged 10 years. _'n llerrmeiiie Tichenor, aged 65 years, Frank Franchel, aged 5 months. SI. Nine. C. HiCkton, aged 91 yean. Anthony Reiser, ag.-d 70 years. Cornelia Roach, aged 1 years. 22 Arvesta Davit, aged 10 years. Benedetto Mannln, aged 44 year*. .:'. Abraham Mangen, aged 1 day. Philip Bacliuian. aged 59 years. H Andrew 1)01.:™ aged 66 years. Mary K. Troiisin. aged 15 years Emily Babcock, aged 79 years. ! .. -t;. orgs Qeel ig. aged 51 • 21, Charles T. Atkinson, aged 39 yeara. Mary V Elmendorf. aged 17 years, Gustlnt Orttle, aged 13 years. William C. Folant. aged 64 years. SI, John F. Cloonan. aged 52 yea is. .lames Herdman, aged 12 years. 29. Will', Ku.-lin. aged 5 months. Nicholas Melleck, aged 29 years. Thomas Atkinson, aged 7t years. 10, Mary E. Griggs, aged 6S years. JI'LY. ?.. — Marie Schnitzler. aged 71 years. 1 Peter T. Itoyce. aged 55 years. Anna II. Gannong. aged 19 days. .', William E. Goosby, aged 46 years. I, PaskO Alispaia. aged 50 years. 9. — Andrew Fischer, aged 67 years. William II llanford, aged 73 tears. II Addison M. Crosby, aged 80 years. !::. Sarah Cohen, aged 7 4 years. II. Albeit G. Nichols, aged 94 years. Mary I. Miller, aged 30 years. II, Frances Broaden, aged 32 years. Ira Van Tostell, aged 47 years. 17. — Mary Hurley, aged 69 years. Francs Boyd, aged 57 years. Jane Hutton. aged 71 years. IS. — Maria C. Taylor, aged 88 years. ■ 19.— Minnie E. H. Plant, aged 4 6 yeara, 21. — John E. Keating aged 7 years, Martha M. FOgel, aged 66 years. 2::. Ethel M. Farrell, aged 8 inont lis. Cassias M. C. Kelb-y. aged 60 years. L'B. John 0. Boss, aged SI years. George ('. Shook, aged 11 years. Jennie Siccus, aged 117 years. 27. Florence Gordon, aged 4 years. Theresa Seifritz. aged II years. 21. Alfred D. Van Buren, Jr., aged 2 days. Harry C. Turl. aged 12 years. :;n Elizabeth Johnson, aged 2 months. Jane Brink, aged S:l years. Mary L. Lawrence, aged :!2 years. Oliver R. Williams, aged 10 years. Michael McElvaney, aged 11 years. 11, Lester W. Kort right, aged 6 days. Al'GI'ST 2 11. nneti M. Roe. aged 75 years. I Elizabeth T. Burger, aged 69 year*, Prank A. Paten, Jr., aged 11 years. | .". Charlotte C Kennedy, aged 1 I Harry E. Weber, aged 22 years. I Alexander Gore... aged .'.?. years I 7 Margaret Johnson, aged I motythe, 1 s | iroh Schneider, aged II years, I h una. I Murpliv . ag-d 2'. Mar) M. Decker, aged 81 .-cats.

I Matilda Kelley . aged 14 days. 11, — Andrew Plumstead. I 12.— Anthony Alpeno. aged 9 months 14. — Peter K. Hommel, aged 75 years. Evelyn Al. Cunningham, aged 7 months. 16. — Wadoc k Pinkos, aged I months. Mary Kruzenski. aged 14 day - Robert Post. Jr. Bgsd I months. Charles Milbf. aged 1:1 tears, j 20— Florence Dalli. aged 2 months. 22.— John F. Sheridan, aged 40 years. | John P. Burgher, aged 59 years. , II -Edith C. Wood, aged 9 months. 26, Edward Barrv. aged 1 year. Edward Fitch, aged 61 years. Susannah Madacski. aged 7:1 years. I Dorothy DeWitt. aged 8 month*. 21 William II Byrne, aged 2 months. Kate Dunne, aged 50 years. 29— Jeremiah TenBroerk, aged 8J years, ::•' Ed-ward Keegan, aged 59 years. Ficl II .lohnstoTi. aged IS years. SEP'IKAIBKR 1 —Joseph Augustine, aged IB years. Vincnt II Hart, aged 7 days Mary E. Holmes, aged 87 yeara, 2. Michael Medlines.-, aged H yearn. Floyd Si ersenaska. ag.il 1 year. Patrick McKeen, aged IB .-ears. John J. Baisden. aged 7-- years. John Donofio. aged 5 months. 4— John V. Hutton. aged 1 month. 5.— Ouatav Wolfersbeim, aged 15 years. Kathryn Arnest. aged 7 months. 6.— Olimpia Battini Elmer Jones, aged 19 years. 7.— Aliiha.l O'Connor. S- . aged 65 seats John N. Schwab, a,g. rt B9 years. Howard Aly.r. ag.-d 18 year? 8.— Herman C. Lnngtoe. aged 2t days. Harriet O. Colhiirn. aged 1 year. 9 -Samuel Decker, aged 71 years. Anna H. Flanm-iy. ag.-d 2:1 years. Tom lifer, ag.-d M years Frederick.! Moda. aged 7 si years. Nelson H Bush, Jr . aged l months. Annie l. Decker, aged 51 years. 11- John F. Btenson, aged 2M years .Minnie Cowder. aged :.'• yeara 12. — Thomas Ixvk. aged II years. It Isaiah C. Lake, aged II years. 15— Joseph R. Kubiiek. aged 4 months. Aaron Ca-shdollar, aged 17 years. IB— Peter A. Young, aged 74 years. Wellington Wilson. a«ed 5s years. 17. — Ellen Kimble, aged 49 years. James Ferris, aged 42 years. It— Thomas Bailey, aged 1:1 years. 20.— Owen Reilly, aged 55 years. Pauline Leopold, ag.-d 52 years. 22. — Anna Gordon, aged s:: years. 2'.!.— Libby Marble, aged 49 years 24.— Dorothy Wertbelm, aged 19 days. Abram Myer. aged 82 years. 25.— William Draff.-n. aged 55 years. H.rt ha 11. TenBroerk. aged 51 years 2B.— Ruth Keator. aged 8 months. Mary Ix-mbo. aged 13 years H.— -John H. Coleman, aged H. Grace Zimmerman, aged 25 years. Gs-orge H. DuBols. aged 80 years. Maggie Stokes, aged 50 years. Owen Phillips, aged 7:'. years. OCTOBER. 1 —Frederick B. Rosa, aged 29 years. **' i.«.,m ,, ( H ke ir- aK '' rl 4 yeam _. josepn t-ariiK age( j fa year.. Joseph I Robin nn. aged '.'. years, 1 1. — Ixiren Lyons aged 39 years. I Wlnfleld G Snyder, aged 20 days. 1 4.— Alary Stopi.-nski. aged 2.) years. f.— Robert Mit < boll, aged I years. • Alary Lache, aged 1 years. 7 Michael Nit. he. ag.-d 7o years. 9. — Charles ('. Lang, aged 51 years. II. — Hazel Burger, aged II years, 12. — John L. Devine. aged 2 months. I 14. — Patrick Hackett, aged It years. 15. — Charles Bnrhans. aged 83 years 16, — Washington Kennedy, am ,1 vl . yea is. Sarah A. Hart, aged 22 years ; Benjamin A. White, aged 12 years. 18. — Jacob G. Keator. aged 57 years. Mary LsaVBlle, aged 1 year. 20.— Julia AI. Larkin. aged .10 years. Sarah Liss. aged 64 years. I 21.— Helen Chabot. aged 9 years. 22 — Adaline Burhans. aged S3 years. Charles T. Smedcs. aged 38 years. Irene Covey, aged n'< years. 2:1— Colonel B. abater, aged S3 years. Eliza Tappen. aged 54 years. 21. — Alary J. Post, aged 75 years Luther Jones. Jr.. aged 4 months. 25. — Rosaline Sickler. aged 3 months Susan Burchett, aged 1 year. Hannah Herrick. aged 45 years 26. — Elizabeth Van Barber, aged 2 yeara. Fannie A. Harter. aged H yeara 28.— Daisy E K. Chase, aged 28 years. Stella A Rodie. aged 25 years. 29. — Nellie Barnard, aged :!7 years. LoraJsa A. Pursell. aged 17 years. 20— Edward Doyle aged 16 years. NOVE.MBER 2.— Harriet R. Jackson, a*ted 51 years. James .7 Dunn, aged 12 years George T Kiniber, aged 19 years. S. — I>oretta Harnden. aged B:t years. James Brophy. aged 65 years 4 —Bridget AlrDonougti, aged 7! years. Doininick E. Kroni. aged is years 6.— Thomas A. Coffey, aged II years 7.— Thomas II. Morrill, aged .',8 years. Harriet Roosa. aged 1 month. S— Robert Wilson, aged 68 years. 9. — John Lyons, aged 69 years. .Michael McCarthy, aged 46 years. IS.— Valentine Pioutkoakl, aged 45 years. Joseph Ahl. aged S day s. 15— Charles Gangwisch. aged 51 years Francis 1 AIcGinnis. aged H5 years 17.— Thaddeus A. 'an Wart, aged 76 years. Mildred WynJtoap, aged I months. Gcoi-fje E Jones, aged 10 years. George Clearwater, aged 4:1 years. 20.— Chester Pathamus. aged 9 years. William E Bloom, aged 77 years. 21— Frsim is X Markeit, aged Is days Henry H. Pitts, ag.-d 74 years 22. — Grace L Ready, aged 7 years. Charles () Robb. iced 25 years. SS Cornelia F Smith, aged 51 years. Edward W Weber, aged 46 years. 25 —Catherine Al Tauhenberger. aged S2 years. , 26.— lattBlaa 1. MaateB, aged 79 years I James Nugent, aged 62 years H Sophia Feigert. aged S:; years. I I Mary Lynch, aged 7n years I tt Rabiello Weed, Bgtd 1 year. I M William W Kinnier, aged 67 I 1 Augustus Dohuken, aged 62 yeara.

IiECE.MBER 1 —Samuel Hal, I. air.-.l 1 day | John v. raaalng, ai I 2— William Patlison, aged 53 years | '.'.. — George Wade aged 1 1 days. J 4. — Daniel P. Moloney, aged M years, 4 — -Rufiia It Wilbur, aged B2 years. Ann Hamilton, ogt I 5. — John .1 .McLaughlin, aged 35 years. I Ellen Brophy . aged 78 years. Henry H. Gross. najed 57 ye ii John Griffin, aged M Roy W .Southard, aged 17 years. Henrietta II. Bwarts, sssjd 2B years 7. — Angelo A. Bottlle, aged 72 years. 7— Michael Mokazal. Jr., aged 1 day. s - .Margaret O'Brien, aged 51 years, Sarah A. .Merritt, Iged 71 years. S.— lyotilse Joy. aged 9 months. 10— Paul E. Kain. aged 7 days 11. — Ella R. Van Oaaabeefc, aged 55 years. 12 Emil Oehrt, aced 60 years. Edwin N. Gage. Bged Id years. David Thornton, a^-.-d 34 years. II.— W. Clifton Hayes, aasd M yeara, 14 l.'tilmla Davis, aged II years. John J. Jo-, i >-. aged I l -at.-. Eliza Little, aged 81 yeara. II George Rundel. .iL-.-d 54 years. John O, Alesslng. aged 77 years. Honor.i Cody, aged 75 years 16. — Annie K. Korn.-lski, aged 8J Julia McDonough. aged 70 years. 17 -('..'org,' II Fitts. aced ;,9 years. Id — Mlcha. 1 Powers. Jr., aged 10 years. Catherine l.emister, aced 2 months. Frank D. Vpitbeck, aged 58 years. 19— Otis N WInchell, aged 15 yeare. Antonio Vinguol.i. aged 27 yoars. SO.— Mary a. Connelly, aged 11 years. .Morris Baronowltz, Jr., aged 8 days. James BraytOD, ag.-d 5 months 21— John T. Whalen. aged 22 yeare. H.— Alexander Oemmell, aged 3 months. .Michael Connelly, aged 77 years M Harold Atklnt, aged 2 months. St.— Catharine Mai ■•■■, ag,<l 69 years. Grant Cole Jr.. aced 1 months. Jes-.. I. Lasher, aged 3 montha. 11, -Mrs Anthony Benson. Alt- Jason S Ward. airs. David P. Keator. HEATHS OUTSIDE KINGSTON. The following is a list of deaths of well-known persons occurring out'' side the city, compiled from the column* of Tho Daily Freeman: JANVARY. 1 —Airs. James S. Murphy bl Newburgh. Airs Sarah 3. Barton ar Tongore. 2— Airs. Eliza. 11. DuBols at Port Ewen Edward Lasher of West Camp in Albany. Airs. Faunie Gardiner in Woodstock. Airs Frank Risedorf of Katshaan, in Brooklyn. 4. — Aliss Laura Aliichell at Napanoch. 6. — John H. Post in Port Ewen. Levi Swart in New York. Airs. Qeorge A. Fox in Ellenville. Airs James Conlin in High Woods William Wynkoop in Ellenville. 7 —Airs. Joseph Seymour In Ardonia. 8. — James F. Grace in Rochester 9.— Mrs. James 11. Keldltr "In Sanksonvllle. 10. — George O. Blowers In Ciloversvllle. Airs. Edward A'. A". S,-arle in Roxliury. John Ellis in Clinton.lnl- II — R. J, Bowles a; Browi tion Mrs Cornelius Ellsworth In Hurley. Adam Becker at BaJttoa. Airs. Bessie Edwards In Middletown. Airs. Patrick Pay at Filing's, Cornets Joseph Sherman of Kerhonkaon at Middletown. 15 -John G Baker in Olive Branch. Robert B. Ballman ai Saogi rti.-s 13 C J. Houseman at Stone liidge. Airs. Elnora Barrett in Koxbury. I 11 Thomas HcKnlghl of NtpaBOCh j at Endlcotl. 15.— Patrick Gillen of Saugerties in New York | Airs James Markle in Accord, j 18. Oeoige N. B.nton in Sullivan county . Airs. Henry A'an Wagencr in Highland. 17— Airs. O If Brigltam In Hartford Conn. The Rev. G If. Daniels in North Tari rytown. -Mrs Daniel Gaffney in Lloyd. ] Mrs. George M. ('"tiklin in Aliddletown. Cornelius Cole in Pine Abram Decker In Bullvllle, Orange county. Airs Hiram Flag.-r in Paiaukunk. Airs Albeit J Dan' miller in Brooklyn. Aliss Elizabeth Lowery at Pl.ittekill. 18.— Charles W. Requa In Chicago .ties E. Smiley it Alinnew«ska in Pooghkeepsle. Airs. William Cook of Taba > in Raven,i Airs. Rebecca Wiggins in Alligerville 20— Joseph Sproaa in Poughkeepaie. William Newklrk a OreentMd. 21. — Alfred j. Bherrlng, formerly of < Shokan. in Sparrow busb John S. WInchell at West Camp. Mrs Emily Watkins in Lloyd James T. Iloffnian in Gardiner. 22 Mrs. Robert Waolte) at AMtaca hunts Airs (V Hontmell, Sr., in West Saugerties S3 Charles C. Ingram in Naw A'ork. melius TerBush of Hurltyville ill Port .lervis Stephen Bleecker in Highland. 26 ■ Merritt Ostrander in Jersay City. 27. Ira Forbes in Shokan. Andrew St.it;. tl at Ruhy. 2S— Airs Call. erin. ■ Han. k of Kingston in New A'ork 29. — Andrew Ringwald al Aliddletown, Conn. San, it, 1 1 Benson at Ellenville Georce Dougherty at Ellenville. rraner at Paleatown [ 2.11— Airs. Benjamin T Carpenter at Ellen-ille David Edwards in West Park Flanagan in Port .lewis Airs. Charles O'llara in Brooklyn Edgar Elmendori at Bath. N A* '.'.1 — Orvllle Alayes at Peck Hollow. FKIiRIWRY I'll Alver II', Rqckaway Beach "William. Bloomer at Lattinctoa-n

2— Thomas Sturgeon in Franklin. Ki braskt i 0 Al Everett at Watt Shokan. John Plants tn la Port Jen is. Mis. Frank Btckmtn In Ellenville Mr- Prank C S, -v ill, at Grrcnwi.h. N Hi,: I.— t>o Tucker at Pon Bwea DeWitt c it Shokan. Alfred v. Tl al Ellenville lister Park. Shandski n St. Clair Smith al The Corner Port Ewen. Mrs G. S Baldwin in Pine Hill. The K- v i: N I,, .vis |n Garrison n Bangs rtles I in Perth I Sim.on Partington In Marlborough. Jacob Tern lllger al Momhacrat ■ Edward Mrs. Wesley Carman at Weal Shokan. Luther Acherman in N. « York ■l Dr. Charles H Roberta at Oakei 12.— Mrs. Edward Hard, r In sleightsburgh. John Connolly in Saugerties Atonic Coons In Fli ,-, hmannt. Frlah ■ ■ 91 taken IS.- tt R th. N 1 Mi - W I. Tun al Giaeco. .'i-h Creek. John ; • l.ii'omlale. 14.— Mi uj in Middletown. 15 —David Smith at Milton. Mrs. Edmund m Wilbur al Bangert •■ Airs. Peter Bugg 111 Port Ewen. Abram 1. DuBols iu New Palta. Captain David Mann- at Newport. B. I. S raub ;n Hint, r 16.— Air.-. Anna V Krom at Napanoch The Rev. W P Dared al Phillips-. jior- John Conner al Itock Hill. 17.— Miss Naomi Bowers in New York. Richard W. Smith at Olive Branch John II Pali n at l.iwt. nceville. is M Idlngtan at Div GrlfBthi Aleengs. at Schec Michael Moore of Bangertlea at Bath Ilea, h llavi.l San. I- at Alillon. Jacob w.i. bii. hi al Ai i ord, Mr . ii. trltt Beat b at Btone llidge. 21.— Mrs. Joseph B. Dickson in N. w York. M:s. p. n Gerald In Cllntoodata Mra A. w. N.iil in New Palta 22.— Frederick I'avi- in West Hurley I'll- R '■ W in It t in in Berlin. Jacob II Hasbroack in Net Paltz .Mrs. I dorf ai Ganagbote. il Bummltvllle. 23 Mis Daniel s. Bingham of ii- h ii Mt abungb. Harrj Peettel of Saiigenies in I.os Angeles. Lather .Moot) tl West Camp. 24 M i H a ■ Dixon In Brooklyn. Airs -l.-ltn Rowe iu llloomington. The ii.-. Henry Barhar ai Rosen- Mrs A'i.s ■ Al Richards al Evcsport Edward I- alen al Krippleboah. Mis. Jami - Wdsmlller al Highland. t'i V Decker tl Shattdaken. J, hn Degan in Mllford I'.i ' llliain Swan at Sawkill .: Ti . t llllger tt Ellenville. ■l in Ellenville. is i '.ni Oatrand at Tillson. 28.— Mrs A Tied Townsend at Pine II :l MARCH John Tanker at Hickory Bu.-h Ab-x.. is ... tries al Far Rock Jam. - Zeilman al Maiden. lt .Mat ion la New York. 2 Mts Alb, -t St raub, lot Baugenles, in Hi Thomas B. Hart In New York. Mis. M eaves al St Remy. Mrs Dai VVest Hurley. :t — Mrs. • ■ ',nv in Marl-1 i. I. ti ■ •■ Ml , 'k.-r at 1 n Middletowa, n Highland. Gardiner. Mt okaa. R Wbitaher ai East I. N w Paltz ,. i in High Falls. Milton 9— Erie OB n of Hurley. i dale. Al rVeat Camp Falls. M a, Oscar Km Port Ewen. Weal Hurley. Abram Kn ■•■ burgh. The Rev. Evert Van 31 ke at River- Col. Charlei H W< .ganl hi Newburgh 1 1 Mb heel i Seenan el Sawkill. Bphraim Ht' : M; I i< , Ii Ti » llligi r In AValker Vallev 12 -Edv a:.i ' ■ u- Harrington, b, Hi ol Ellenville, killed at Franklin Junrtloi . N .1 Ni, kolai ' • - i. akin-own II ion Shuitis tit Saugerties. Beth rjecor in Cold Bprtag. Beam s Kimble al Ellenville .lar.v Met nan In Alarlborough. II Mrs Ai na Upright ai Oak Rids.. Mis Kelsoo i lb '.ttolds iu Sayre, Pa 16.— Michael D. Mnrphy of Sawkill in Hi n. kiyn Miller ill Ellenville. • New York. it. — aii s Abram Krowa in sieights' Harry Howard In Alarlboiough II.— Clinics Markle In Hut ley Martin f Btxtoa in BaBgtiHaa Charles J iitewari at Phoenicia. Alexander () Beiier al Ml Marlon Airs lames Hoar nt W'ehawken I. Juki Tel vv illiger al Pleasant Valley. I-, H Van Akrn at alssisiiiiii n. Y. Hooert B. Thomaa mt fbllllpaport

2" Willis Robinsoi- Bl Olive: ca. rlainliurl Histle at La knwii.k. Mrs Theresa. Rurkel iu Ellenville. Mi Hannah B a in Middletowa Th. Rl v .1, 1 • II |i ii"y at New Brunswick, N .1. Mrs Jeremiah Bchoonmaker at Alligervllle. 22 Emil Grant at Chli bl - Prancia Lagan ai Bddyvllle, John II. Statin in New York. Mil bai 1 .1 Pot at Cot lames D. Ciuln.y ,,t Phllllpanort Mr. t'harles P. Carpenter in Vir- Alrs. Amelia II. Laing in BrooklyB. Albeit i.cgg in Brookll n. William II Hanford at the Branch Do] :. of Weal Camp killed al !-,n 23 G. urge Warren In Ellenville Mrs. Daniel Christiana In Cotteklll. Mrs. Delia Eckert at I'nion Center. Airs James II. Thomas in Mombac- I lis 24 George Christiana Bl bush - Oatermyet al Purlin. N. J ■ ,. Mi-, ., al Ea-t Kingston, laeula Flltgerald. formerly i genii's, iii New York Mis. I'll.,, be A. Einiendoi I at Gardiner. tt Mis. AdOlph KeeahsT in Ellenville. Mn I'redericka Kessler in Ellenville. 2i'. — ,ii riui.e I. sh.-ei.-'. ai Battendale Mn Vlnilstu- Kebr ill Saucerttes. Mia, Catbiiii.e Bulllvan, mother of Daniel Bully, in Newport. R I Airs. Heeaktab Kembla in 'Cedar GliVo Abraham Osterhoudt at Mettacahonts. 21 Mrs. Felix Kane of s., in Brooklyn. Mrs lain Wot il In Milton. John Moras at Hlghatooat. 21 Waltei Hutl.-f at I'nion Hill. N. J John Hallo k Young in Miltr.n. -"' Luke McCarthy in Saugerties. Alts lames Thorp la Pari Ewen. Gardner I Miller al Mt .Marion ai.s Charity Myer of Baoga Oxford, n Y Mis Bmest Straaaa in Sanger■ I Mrs. William Alaiin in Saugerties. APRIL. I —Mrs James McGowaa, formerly ol Ellenville. in Washington. D C. Former Sheriff George Young in Ellenville. lac. ii P Krou-s In BaagBrttta. tael Here, n at Boflyea Mrs William Brophy at Stonv Hollow .Mrs Michael Carroll at New Pal:/.. James Tiffany of Saugetijcs at Mid illetnw n. Roger Winn at New Paltz. 3 Mt- Boson GraaaoV ,d In New York Ezra Beelty ai Cliiitondab-. Kugsene II More, u, South Bend. Inrt I John Alurphy of Kingston in N, w York Christopher AicGuirc In town of I'lster i_ Itissw'Faii banks t> Mailboiou_U. j,-.-..— aaaairati ■, TTT »ar™V-»sn l ret Karriiigton at Altitun lo-huii Hurst at New PalU. 5. James O Rider at East Kingston vlrs Samuel A Moore in St Paul Altnn I - Philip Cistole at West Park Captain Peter A Partes at Maiden Mrs George S Kimble iu Ellenville William Bowe at Carthage, N. Y. Airs. Philip A Deyo al Weal New Brighton 7. — George DilBois It BloomlngtOB. Mrs Martin E. HeBdrltki ;n Bast Kingsii n Mrs. Frank McCarthy In Wc-t Ma: borough. Seth Green at Afollt.bl 8 Si-year-oId child of .lame- lt> a a< Glaaco, Peter Hehstnger In Bashnellvllle. The Ran T. I). Abram.- in Hobart David Allen at Mt'ton I John E Smith at Saugerties II. —John T. Aiken in BrooklyB. Airs William Peters In Saint, "lies Airs William H Coii-hlin in Brooklyn. Mis Flora !>>btilt at Summit villc M . George Heaton in Monro. Oram; unl> 12.— Albert Al. Norria al i'latei Park. David Po|>e at Napanoch Reforma- I I irv . Airs Jessie Aliddagh in Brooklyn Lucille Al. Phillips iii Highland 12 Infant child of George l<. isrr of Pine Hill. Allan lairkwnnd in Walker Valley. Captain Howard Joy ot GksSCO in Brooklyn Airs Sarah Mack in Pine Bush II l.ever-tt Conine iu New Hurley. Raftu Craig at Tllbton II John Kennellv in Sviacuse. .lames k. Plan iu Poaghkoepole Ham P. I>«g. formerly of Ellenville. killed at Middletown August lluilenliiaiii k in New A'ork. The Rev Christian W. Wir.ne in Washington. D C 16- Aliss Alinerva Perrine in Bitten. Pan ok .1 I'.urell in Binnewater. IS.-- Mrs. Gilbert lie Young in Indianapolis Mis Ears Bishop in Centerville, town nf Saugerties. B El'tng Freer of Ne» Salem in Brooklyn Mis Cora Block a. Centerville station Cornelius T. Van Wagener at Ellenville llcn.v Terwilltger In Oardlaer, II. Tha H'V Oscar Haviland in Walden I.y man Phillips at Wawarsing. Mrs Mary E Krom at Tillsnn. 22.— Angeliua Carpino at East Kingston John Carroll iu Elniira John Keller at Aliddl. town. j. Clark Champlln at Highland, .Mis Luke Al. Hale ai V ran Eurillliin Wright at Lawrencevllle. M Allen MiCorniM.k at High Falls. Thomas Brad.-rs in Hoboken G.oig.C Laeech in Brooklyn M ('bail,- Ram Bl High Fall- William K Rose ai Ellenville Muv Ellen Manly in New York. Clinton w Torch iii OHvsrea Ml Silas It llorlon iu Cruigville. ■topban J faaptt al Nea ■ahu Elmei E llorlon in New Haven Conn Albert Rhode.- of Tucker j killed al Hopewell Junction.

Washington Michaels in Clintcadalc. Frank ('. .Muth in Asbtity Park, N. Alts. Rachel Dec raff in Highland. 27. Jocyanis killed at Browns Station. .Mis B. F. Niese in Port Ewen ' ■ DnBt is in New Palta. John W EmMcr in Walden. Dai id Miller in Brooklyn 28.— John Wolf in Ellenville Peter V. Runs In Wallklll. Miss Kate llarclenburgh ai Alllgerville. Henry Heath at Claryvllle. tl Dennis Quinn nf Gardiner in Newburgh. Mrs William J Donovan, formerly of Lawrencevllle. in New A'ork aire. Matthew S. lioonmaker* In Phoenicia. (bis Freer killed near Lloyd. a0.1taa Levy In Si. Remv ' Levi Bell at West Shokan MAY. 1 .—Michael Selitch in East Kingston. DBTld Ward at The Valley Austin Alalia in New A'ork. Fells Gage of Glas, o drowned in Ni w York. Mrs. Alice P. Bird in Mt. Vernon. I Mrs Margaret Shorten at Saw- I 111 Mn Elizabeth M. Washburn In Sl.!gl„.-in:gh Mrs, Henrietta Clinton in San lose Cal :!.— Burton 0. Hough in Theresa. N Y Ira Constant ra Ellenv tile. J. hn Dolan at Newburgh. Il.nry 0. Kuvkendall al Sunimitville. Raymond A. I#wls of Saugerties at Middletown. Mrs W H. || III am II Of Saugerties al Oxford Airs. Kate E. Parliman in Alt Vernon. i. — Miss Carrie Mulford ai tHaanr Mrs. Levi Rightmve.- at Maiden. 5— William H. Eckcr: in Aliddletown. Ei retta Tpeher in Kddyville. child of Alexander Alversoa at Big Indian . Mra Simon Depuy at Plutarch. 1— Mlra Esther Van Wagrnen at U'.ii Fal's. Miss Kisenrie Henze at Whitepo-t. Death of Hammond l.tmont In New A'ork. Fred* lek Corbin iu Brooklyn. Airs Levi IV-Craff at Lloyd. 8 —Lucia Thnmnscn al New Paltz fi— Mrs Henry Mtller in Albanv. Mn Luke Kellv in Weel.awlien Mis Peter Yeaple al Walden. William Gorton at 1'ster Heights. 12.— John F. Mealy in Brooklyn. .rank Grimes in Elizabeth. N. J. William Wet* r at Sbanilaken. .Mis Blralrt Matt] at Bad Mill, town of In lining. II Edward A He-ley. at West shokan. i Peek ai Baal Kitr-.-ton Airs. I^iviuia beater in Milton. John A. Tarwilllgsr in Spring Glen Patrick Corcoran of Saugerties in Milwaukee. 14.— Prank Benjamin at Tinker's Coiners. _ "' 7o?epli 'ferwHIieefc i Marlborough" || William KelW " Napanoch. Mrs. Nelson Murray al Big Indian It. Peter A llvmmel in Quarryville Philip l>. Biting. Jr., In New Paltz. Miss Jennie Qnlmhy of Marlhorough In Brooklyn 17. William N. Pasta of Suugcrtl's in New York- Airs, .lull ii Ford of Bhoadaken. Is Mrs Samuel Wallace in Philli; -poil Joaeph Ivaneaco In East Kingston. ii.s Henriel ., Krom In Wiwarstng. Benjamin T. Rogers in Napanoch. 19. Kay in, aid Kioni al New Paltz. Harriet Christian at Alligcr villc. 22 Dr. John I. Ward, in Ellenville. Sti phen H. Manea of Plum-kill in Bcarsdale. Nathan Delane) in Amsterdam. Ala tin Hayes in Newark. N. J. Alis. Daniel Trapbagen In Highland. 22.— Mi.-- Rachel sleight at Weedsport. Maria Bonlngton at Sanger! i-.- Mi John Murphy in Bangertlee. William Adee In Nea Paltz 24 Mi-s Jan. Han in S. henectady. Alary Snyder Bl '""■ Mountain W.-sle U. .,u Ak.'ti at Snarrowbnah. Airs Sir ah Martin in Wesi Esopus. 25. Mi- Andrew Sehounmaker in Bllenrllli John II. Bnyder In Saugerties Patrick Mcllermott in New A'ork. Dr John D. Bherer In Wnterford. M John ii. Adams at Klfton Madeline Arthur at Buffalo Airs. Solomon Barnes In Platteklll. 27 Matthew KeUch drowned from Bteamer Martin at Saugerties H llenrv Harp at The Clove. H. .lames H. Terwllltger in Bloomington. Airs. N'.-isoii Tnraer in Accord. 10,— -Silas Saxton at Clintondale. Mrs. .Mar- Hicks at Plater Landing. Edward Doolin at Flatbush. Airs Douglas Ixirri In Wawarsing. II.— Mra. John MrBrien in New A'ork. Mi-s Annie McNeill in Port Ewen. Thomas Atulvihill at Binnewater. Horace Miller in West Camp. JFNE. 1 - Mrs Abram Burger ai Runy. 2— Itufus Snyder at Knsendale. Peter B. Elmendorl at Brown's Station. Mrs. John P Kemblt in Saugerties. .Mrs William Uiomis in Proctor, Vermont. William Teriieniug in Jersey- City. .Mis I I" Weeks at Blue Poiut. 1/ing Island Freeman Lyons at High Point. Georu, E Hoar at HaVOrttTaW. 1 Mi- James N Pr.uik ai Middletown Ml. C. It Alack ill Rlltsuliville HeariBtta Hasbrourk. formerly of in Ha-, nport I lam. si >.- Ma iv Staples ill Ma Ml - !!• my Fa glou .; .allklll .'. Alv.ih Bogait in ShokaB. Aii>- Jobn Walker m Put Jervl* Funeral of Mian KotherlDt Wlltsle In Clintondale Mn tuna 0. Ford in M irlborougfe I, Mrs Pater Mean dropped dead n ol P.lftnn ,n aa of Highland in Poughkcerslc.

Mrs. J. Hesley at West Shokan. Edna Fields at Waal Ht-.rley 7 James t'pright in Gardiner. Patrck Lacy In Gardiner. I - Mrs. Elizabeth Fluckigcr in Ellenville. Thomns Harris, formerly of Saugerties, In Newark. N. .1 DeWitt Burger In Pataukunk. ft.— Aliss Sarah Llllie Hawxhurst in Ellenville. Osiar C Startup in Ellenville. Frank Hlggins killed at Port Jervis. 10.— Mrs. Adam Cain in Saugerties. II. Mrs Sarah A Woolsey. In Rosendale. Peter Bouse at Phoenicia. 12 Mrs. Harriet Forbes iu Brooklyn. 12,- Mrs. Sanford II. Perry in I'lster Park- Airs George Zweifcl in Ellenville. Thomas Mason in Brooklyn. Aliss Phoebe Lane in Beechford. Alts s'ara Salisbury in Alontoma. 14.— Alts. F. B. lament in Big Indian. 15— Mis. Patrick Davitt in East Kingston Henry Schmidt in Shokan. John Stewart in Mankato. Minn. 17. — Thomas K. Gregory at Cragsmoor. Miss E Jane Person in Catskill. 18.— Airs. Joseph Sparling. Sr.. iu Stone Ridge lft— Mrs Frank Hayes of Ellenville in Poughk.epsie 20— Funeral of Mis. Ataurire Saxton a- MlltOI Mrs. Carrie Alible Squires in Detroit, Mich 21- Mrs Harris Pa-dee iu Alorristoara, N. J. Airs. Edward Hollis in Vonkers. Mrs .Inaihim Eltine in South Haven. .Mich 22— Afis Harrv C Radin In Veteran. Airs. Demon Pardy in Cuddebackville. IS.— John H. Gould of WaMta in Mt. Vernon. Captain Ahtam E. Culver, 1'. S. N., in Baltimore. 24— Nicholas E. Ltcey at Highland. Howard Itooia in Saugerties. John MrCanley at Stone Church. 25— James Keenan In Saugerties Hi bet Vandoma-k. formerly of Olive Brat-cr, killed nt Livingston Manor. Infant child of Edward DeWitt at Mbhaidt. Ms II , mas 1). Gerard in Aliddletown. 26.— John Stafford. St.. In Waterbtirv. Conn »r- Mrs. CbestayteLmMWell in Satigrr- Hes. -'s?Ai(l ?".— Catlcrl^sjAtrove in .Middletown. sOT^ Sarah M i'f.st of Saugerties in Port .let vis. ».— Tlicn.as Kellj in Jersey City. Martha Sbeeater in I'nion Center. Mrs. Eliza A. AlcCann at Dry Brook. JULV. 1— Mrs. II J. Freer at New Salem. I. — George Mclean In Walden. Clarke Greenwood/ In New York. Patrick MavtvelMof Saugerties in LMEE York i __ .( Interment or W."S. 11. I.awrenee In' ftaugsiUaa, i Mrs. Esther C Roosa at West Hurley I. — Mrs. Lucinda Schryver in Tannersvllle. 4.— Alls. Anne lletley in Saugerties. John DuBols In Rochester. .">.— Airs. Allien Decker of Gardineln Harkensack N.J. Max Rashkln in Ellenville. ".— John .1. DePufz at Greenkill John O. Benn at Asbury. g.— Mrs Eugene ,l.ewls in Ellenville. Gunge l-antry drowned at Hlghlund. Luther l.ove atJef'.v Paltz. 10. William La*V: in South Orange. N. J. f Peitr Pforr in town of I'lster. Airs. James P. AlcClung in Washington. D. C. Joseph Sorrington drowned near Brown's Staiion. Mis Charles T. .Montgomery In Saugerties. Mr. Dayton in town of Lloyd. Sarah C, Babcock in Glasco Mrs Mary A Dagon in Napanoch. The Rev. C. W. Camp in Richmond Hill. 12— Airs. J. Alarion Cornish in Sail gertles. 3— The Rev. G. A. Neeff. formerly Of Ellenville. In t'tira. Airs. John D. Osborne at Shokan. 1:1. — Airs. Francis Al. McDowell in Wittenberg. Quick drowned in Wallklll creek at Rifton Edward Milter In Wawarsing Andrew L. Kniffm 111 Centervile Station. It. -Airs. John Clearwater at Cotiekill. William Doyle in Saugerties. John Richwood in Saugerties. 15— Mrs. John Wiest in t'nlon Center. Hi— Airs. Henry Alc.AIurtry In New Brunswick. N. J. William R Timmerman at West Carrsp 17— Airs. Sarah Breexcc in Fitter Park IK— Wesley Shultis in Saugerties. Hugh Curomings In Lloyd ID— John D Wintleld in New York. Solomon AVInne In Bath. N. Y. Charles B Fowler in Walden. Airs. Edward Dristler in New York. 2n -The Rev. At. A. Cunniff in Brooklyn. 21 — Mn. George Mosebacher In Oakland. California. 22— Abram S. DuBois in Butterville 25.— Mrs. Eugene Terhune In Lloyd. 26— John Hoff. Sr.. at Lackawaclt. Mrs Elisabeth Tire In Spring Glen 27.— George K Ball iu Saugerties. 28.— Jacob Gross at Honk Hill. Samuel J. Fanley at East Kingston 2!i —John Pardee in South Rondout Leonard Wygant In Marlborough. Mis Jobn Kosenberger Iu Bllenvllle Matthew N Lefever at Battle Creek. Mi. 1. I'iiltli Cutler In Wittenberg. Sin Or:ln Funk iu MrookljO. M Mis Thomas IS. All.li in llsier Park. Meats ■ Btahaa in Boiceviiia. Phi lb k W McGuire In Newark. N. .1. Coleman A Terry In New Yoij" Oliver K. W illlams and Mlctj/ 1 Mc- Doln.y killed at Milton / 51- Joha Ward in Saugertyf le

AFGCST. 1.— Francis Ourkln In Pine Hill 2— Airs. George Smith In Ellenville Mary latnnon at Nananocb. Mrs J L Merritt in Pine Bush. 3— Mrs. Olive M. Flemmlng in Honesdale. Pa. 4.— Mn. Ixirensen in Port B*in. Miss Emma Murcott In Pine Hill. Mrs. Antoinette Benson in Ellenville. .Mrs Ellen Yeaple at The Clove. I —Funeral af Edith Smith at Saugerties. ".—Joseph W. Scully in Middletown Martin L. Rawson in Asbury Park. N. J. Mrs Mary E. Corbin in Ellenville. Funeral of Airs Eliza Z. Crossmaa in Marbletown. 8— Funeial of Robert Dunn at Saugerties. 9.— The Rev. George W. Ferris In Maiden Funeral of Thomas Kenney in Saugerties K>.— iAicy L. Donlin In Saugerties. 11— William W. Terwllliger In Moinbacctis. Funeral of Dorothy Gilbert at Flatbush. Frank D. Ostrander in Walden. Abram Jones, formerly of Chichester, at Downtville. 12— Mary Miller in I<omomvllle. Nathaniel Wells of Napanoch in Brandon, Vt. Airs. Eliza A'enne In New Paltz. George Kichorn of Saugerties in Brooklyn. Sophia Pinkney In Ellenville. Airs. Peter Schoonmaker in Springtown 13— William Quick in Quarryville. William Went worth In Wittenberg 14. — James Sickles at Saugerties. Mrs. Catherine Aliller In Waaa-sing. 15. — Infant child of Alonzo Derlter in Napanoch. Alorris E. Stern in New A'ork. Miss Margaret McCormlck In Pine Hill. 16— Airs. Patrick Moran in Saugerties. Alis. John H. Deyo In Gardiner Sarah W. Srrihner at L-tkc Allnnewaska. Mrs. John R Lawrence in Alligervllle. 17— Mrs. William H. Wood In Middletown. George B. Hum In Ellenville. 18. — Albert France in Saugerties. John A'an Deusen in Ellenville. Mis Alan hew O'Brien In New York. 19.— Mrs. Daniel Niven in Marlborou, ' 2o— Peter W. Whltaker In Flatbush Airs. Sarah J. Steven in Elienvllle. 21.— Thornton B. Dayton in Middletown. John Poperyos in Olive Bridge. Captain An-on DuBois Relyra In Bloomineton. 22 Airs. Lawrence Morris In V, illow. 23.— Airs. Alary A. Cudnev In Spring Glen. Josiah H.i.-btcui ',.. formerly of New Paltz. In Grahamsville. 25— Mrs. Nathan Bnrrell in Bridgeport. Conn. Anna Krom in Napancrh. L . InXaat.. assss nf.BtUUass Ok M i M a, •The Clove. 26.— Miss Lucetia B. Van Wagenen in Rahway. N. J. Charles F. Taft in Ellenville. Charles W. Heath in Mrtnlicello. George N. Schoonmaker In Rosendale. Airs. Charles A. S alter at Clasco. 27— Airs. Earl Stone in Milton. Florence E. VVray in Cragr.moor. 28— Cornelius W. Johnson In Kerhonkson. 29— Francis 11. l-eggett in New- York. 2i '-Airs. Henry Doran In Brooklyn. Airs. Egbert Boyre in New York. C. Ronald Pitiman in Plattektll. The Rev. Edward H. Van Winkle in Stone Ridge. . Mar Al Gillespy in Saugerties. SEPTEAIBER. I, — John lionnfln In East Kingston. Cctisuelo Buso In Saugerties. Alice Manion in East Kingston. 2.— Hsrry N. Nickerson In Poughkeepsie. 5— Edward C. Williams iu Rorkville Center. Airs. Julia Al. Hally In Aliddletown. AI-s Gertrude Scott A'an Pelt in Plainfleld. N. J. 4 —Miss Emma Herzel in Bloomington. William J. Ferris of Saugerties in New York. Airs. Calvin Sutherland in Alligerville. I —Airs. Clara Frederick In Lattingtow'n. A. E. Van Kleeck in Brodhead. Samuel Staples In .Marlborough. Mrs Daniel Fogarty in Marlborough. Evelyn and Helen Van Vllet in Hudson. Benjamin Brown in Glasco. 6. — Helen M. Vesey In New A'ork. Mrs. E. Frank Cummlngs In Kerbonkson. John France in Flatbush. James Nolan. Sr., at Alilton. Is?wls Felladore in Tlllson. 7.— William C. Burhans In Poughkeepsic Thomas H. Bush in New Paltz. 8— Daniel F. Griffiths in Mtrlbornugh. Airs John Pfeifftr in Glenerie. Charles J. T_nger in Wallklll. 9— Albert Smith in Highland Mrs. Thomas Murphy, formerly of Napanoch. In Middletown. 10. — Funeral of Freligh DuBois in Sliawangunk. John Hoffman in Elienvllle. William H. LatiBon In Samaonvtlle. Airs. James Bevler of Gardiner In Port Washington 11.— Thomas Devery in Saugerties. Carl Wlsmar. Jr., In Coxoaekie. Mrs. Edward Pitas, formerly of Saugerties, In Valatle. 12— Olga G. Quirk In Saugerties. Mrs. William Aloe In Glenerie. 13— Mrs Ellen G. DaWItt in Saugerties. Alis H.nry C Welner in Lot Angeles. I si Mrs. George DvWItt In Port .I.rvls. Mn John D Wininr of Gal.rille. 14.— Mrs Morris Fuller, formerly of I Islet Heights. Ill Torrlnglon. Coon. II Airs William WInchell burled at Olive Airs Luclnda DeVall In The Corner. Miss Annie Sanford In Ellenville 16— Mrs. Oriasa Cable ia town of I lister. j Mm Austin Kinney in West Camp.

Wellington Wilson In lown of I'lster. Mrs. Hester Cook In Cragsmoor. Miss Harriet Schoonmaker in N»w Tork. 17— Judson B Mver in Cuddebarkvllle. James Freer In Phoenicia. Mrs. Hiram Everett in Brooklyn. 18.— Funeral of Mrs. Lurlnda DeVall In Alt. Pleasant. 20.— Mrs. Zaihariah Brink in East Kingston Helen Shultis in St Remy 21.— Marcus D Clyne. native of Port Hilton, in Teresa N Y 22. — Sidney Fowler. formerly of Chichester, in Poughkeepsie. Patrick Swecnev in Saugeui.-s 23— Aliss Allnnle V. Carr In BrooklyB. Mrs Kaiherine D. I,efevre In Ellenville. 24.— Aliss Dora Joffe in Dalryland. 25- Rulsin Whitney of Saugerties in Aleriden. Conn. 26— John N. Brengel in New Ynrs Marguerite Gardner's funeral held ai All. Plraaant. 27.— Mark Alayer in New A'ork. Clarence Harrington In Pine Hill. I,evl D. DuBols. formerly of New Paltz. in Poughkeepsie. 28.— Joseph A Skelly in New Yck. Henry Mentnech in l.eurenklll Mrs. John Aturrav In Woodstock. 30— Charles Short in High Words John II. Coleman tie;-: Wes: Hurley. OCTOBER 1.— Mrs. Henry Noitnn of New Paltz in Poughkeepsie. 2— George Brarrr, killed at Highland Marcus D. Elmendorf In Newburgh. David LeFevre in Pruglikeeosie. John Howell in .Marlborough. 4.— Augustus R. Rurhnns In Saugerties 5.-Captaln William H. Tiffany in Walden George W. Smedes in Gardiner. 7— Airs. John S. Kemble. formerly of Slone Ridge, in Denver. Colo ado 8— Airs. Alary J. Southwlck in Jersey Cite. Airs B:ideet Rcnan in Adams. Mesa. Airs. George P. Willis in Like Hill. Aliss Alary A. Wolvea In Churchland. ft— Airs George W. Pratt in Highland. 10.— William Todd in Dr) Brook. 11— Edward Van Hovcnbiirgb of Plrtlekill in Alildlc own. Elmer E. Wallace tf Mew Paltz . in Pine Bush. Henry Rellly. formerly of Sauge-ties. in Springfield. Alass. Alis. James A. Eden, formerly of Milton. In Brooklyn 12.— Elmer Ii. Ad»m3 In Rifton limes Al. Montgomery In GIjvtvllle. 13.— Anthony nhainhueaij in Cedarcliff. 14— .Mrs. Augustus Wy.gant in La;-tingtown. Chester Quick burird at Aloi.ihaccus. 15. — Funeral of Jerome Roberts in PhceniitJa. Alls irrances Mikles in Pine Bush M. _kia, Claudius Coons in Hur-mTwrlT cWTn __^ ■ Wocdstork ■ T" I ~ ——— ™ — ™ ™ — "■ Airs. WlllianissVsJ-. -„T»-5as« _, Mis. jHonier Freer in New Paltz. IT. ptstt .Martha N. Kerr In Alontreal. Mrs. Henry Maefcey in At nn Hill. Airs, line Hallick In Wawatsing. 19.— Helen Roots in St. Remy Daniel Gaffney in Lloyd. John O'Nell in New A'ork. 20. — Mrs. Chrtetlan Fieri in Sanger; les. AIr6. Thomas Lane in Hawley s Corners. Ails Green M. Wooatsy iu Ilu'ley. 21— Airs George Hommel in New York. Body of .Mrs. Alary Blanrhard. win died in Ellz.abeih. N J., interred he e. 22.— Edgar H. Aluns-in, Jr.. in Ellenville. John Blanshan in Kerhnnkson. Isaiah W. Decker in Walden George Wiggins in New York. 2::.— Mis Clarissa Allen in Emporium. Pa John Birchell in Ellenville. 24. — Luther Jones in Sleep Riu v s . John Way In South Rondout. Mrs. Helena M. Schoonmaker in Poughkeeusie Henry Ashdown in Alalden. Airs John Rosenbaum ill Elienvllle ville. 25. — William Cole in Veteran. John DuBois In Saugerties. Mis- I'annie Burhans of i'lster Landing, in Baltimore. Child of John Rider of Phoenicia. 26— Andrew Decker in East Kingston. John S. Alaxon in Hurlet . Gerald A. Palmer of Altitun, in New York. George T. Dixon of St. Remy in New York. 27. — August Bertram in East Kingston. Aliss Ellen Brady in New York. William Freer in Granite 28.— Mrs. Jeremiah Evans in Walker Valley. 29.— Mrs. David Short in West Hurley. Airs Jennie S Ross in Brown's Station. William Van Valkenhurgh in Hackensack. N. J. 30— Mrs Byron Duicher in Oliverei Funeral of .Mrs. Alary Angevlne in Milton Egbert Kaln of Pine Bush at Thompson Ridge. Nettie Dragotta of Saugerties, in Long Island City Mn. Clayton Frost in Athens, Pa. NOVEAIBER. 1.— William Srovllle in West Hurley 2.— David Jones suicided in Stone Ridge. John J. Hail in Alodena. Thomas Doxey killed at Marlborough. Mrs. Mary G. Potter in Brooklyn, 4— Simon Stephens in Rosendale. Benjamin Atkins in Lattingtuwu Louis Kiting In New A'ork 5.— John H. Cramer in New York. Edward T. Post In Suugenles. Eugene Pack, Sr.. in Saugerties. Charles Terwllllger in Peeksklll. I— -Austin /.tmn.eniian iu Mew Paltz. g.— Mn. John Peters in Saugerties. Oziaa Hermann' In New A'ork. 10— John L Clark in Cataklll Funeral of George Keetler in High-

Mrs. William H. Murphy In New York. 11.— Henry Powtrg In Rhiaeberk. Mrs .lamps V. Eekert m St. Remy. Funeral of Miss Ethel Bevler In Highland Mrs. Mary Rockwell, formerly of New Paltz. m Tltiawllle, N. Y. Alison Van Steenberg In Ban View •7. E. Downey killed at Highland Mr- liMirg* O. Tvrrell m Middletown. Michael Toner}' m Binchamlon. II Mr* George W Bedford m Pcmfchkeepiif Mrs Charles Hopper In ilfch Fall* Sarah A. Slater In Rifton .lere S Thompson m New York. Miss Anna Wilbur m Honk Hill. IS.— Jamc. McShane In New York. Mrs. Johr Ferguson. Jr.. m Brooklyn. 14.— Robert X Burner m Ruby Edward X Morris m Newark. N. S. Anna, wife of the Rev. C. E. Crlsjiell. m Spring Valley. Paul Young ir West Camp. !.">.— lnfant child of .lame? E. Phlnney. Jr., It Fort Edward Mrs. A. V William Jackson m New Pallz William M Russell m Saugerties. IC— Carroll Whltaker m Saivr«rttes. Mrs. Mar? E. Grlmley m Newburgh. Eivrrrc Dnllois m Asbury park, N. J. 17 — I/v.i* SiiiiDson at Pataukunk i |ih Dwyer of Esopus, m I'oushkrepEle Miss Mart-are; Hasbronck m Newbursh. Lemuel Win< hell m Lomontville WlillUß H. Plait m Shawangunk. Abram J. Snyder m Stone Ridge. Asi Ccr^lin.- m L»ibhardt. It. Myia 0. Wilicx at U>omis. N. Y. Frederick Creiner m West Marlboroosh. 20.— Mrs. Joseph Kenny of Port Kw.n. m Waterfonl 21.— Mrs. Francis A. Brimer In Pin pnicln. The P.ev. A. J. Haider m Ruby. Willett M Koos m Wallkill. SJ. .!rs Charlfs Vernooy of Navanocii. m Nrwark. n j. 23— Peter N. ills m town of flster. Alf.ed Rc»sa of Sauqertles. m Poushkeepsie. M.— Mia. S«rali A. Richardson m ■aasartlta. R-Mn. William E. Miller m Marlborouprh. Jacob H. Johnson m Port Jervis Ms. Andrew Waaki m Beechford. 2C— Arthur Burns m Otisville. William Shermnn m Tlster Heights. Miss I/mra Kennedy m Hndßon. Mra. William S. V.ilk m Kntsbaan. Mis. Hatraa Sli. i'le> iii Montela 27.— Di'niel Coe In Hißhlund. Funer.il rf Harvey Holmes m Ellenville. 28.— John J Finan m Middletcwn. Georpe 1,. Bloomer of Ellenville. m Bpi ir,-; Glen. 20 -Mrs. E/.ra H. Lewis m Washing, ton. D. C. Mrs. .Tclin Cure m Pine Hill. Holiielo Weed m Sleep Rockt. ikey Taylnr m Port Kwen. ga "— " " Hajajr of Saugerti«». law • . ■».! unc"r.?r o"i iSorse" W'opijwonh at Mt. Pleasant. Jchn Cramer m Matteawan. .in.— Dr. Isabella M. Wilson m Middletour. tfn. Henry D. Van f.euven of Sauserties. In New Yorl;. Mrs. Eliza M. Barley m Cottekill. DECEMBER. ?..— Roscoe Wlllsie at Ghent John I.iv.-on iii Marlborougb. A. S. Buialatuß m Marlbornueh. i. — Ttttr Taylor. Jr.. m Port E»en. Michael KatfcroKt m I^ncsville. Mrs. Robert Jamlepon m New Hurley. Oa«m O. Vradcnburph In New Pahz. Frank Baxter m MarlUorotigh. .">. — Henry Brannen m Palentown .'■ — Harriet X Thompson and Charlfß Si:xe m Saucerties. fi— Mrs. BcraaH V. Levey of Sau- Is New York. fieo'-fte C. Wcolsey. native of Milt >n. m Newhurßh. Mis? Barton Ridenour m Fishkill. John Ducan m Mt. Zion. 7. — Emory Freer m Esopus. W. D. Kvory m Shokan. Benjamin Foßle m Newark. N*. .1. B— John 11. Mauterstork In Katsbaan. Alesantio Palmii vc, m West Park. 1-iicv E. o«Me> m New York. S. — Theodore Deyo m West Newburth o— Emory Polhamus m Walker Valley. Ml— Annii- Kiernan m Port Ewen. Morril Ornmn In New York Allan RiisshU. formerly of Mt Pleasant, m Oneonta. Charlci Voitkar m Albany. John Btatater* m Ellenville. 11.— Joseph Tucker m Port Ewen. Harry (i. Cole m Saugerties. Funeral of Nellie Mason at Brigps Street. 11.— Mrs. (;e,> )K e Woolsey m NewbuiKh. f.iini.riy of Milton. Michael Kaloy In Milton. IS Mrs. Daniel w Dinan m Corainp. Man Kieinan m Port K»en James W Connerj, m Atlantic City. Ja.nh O Waller m Circleville. i:v-.lames Matthews m East Kingston. Mrs I.inrlsley Markle m Watftrburf. Conn Mrs William Ost.-rhnudi m C.lasco. Lenys B Stroni? m New York. l^vitte l^ane m Highland. Mrs Ralph l>>Fevre m New Paltl. ■m William Evans m Cantonylll*. 14 -Mrs mUm Little m Port Kwen Mrs. Jane Colepaush m West Newburgh. Mrs Samu.-l Eckort m Ellenville. Mrs Own Ellison, formerly of Snawanmink. m Mlddletown Mrs Surah WataaMUar m Ellenville. 14— Mrs. Hannah Burke m Kerhonkson. IT -Virgil Markle In Uvonaville. Frank Lavery m Brooklyn IS.-The Rev D C Hughes. D D.. In Albany. 18-Uaac B«tts m EllearUle. Isaiah H«»l.rouck m New Falti v. Th * R ' v M«»fl«» H Hutton la N"w Brunswick. N .1. Mrs. Cornelius Terwi||ig er m Midalatown. Mrs. James Connelly i a Saagartlsa.

George Palmatier at Highland. 20.— William Ii. Sagendorf in Middletown. 21.— John Taylor in Middletown. Miss Mary Ebert in Saugerties. 22.— Mrs. Henry Myers in Saugerties. George Bovee in Saugerties. 2:'..— Augustine Aloran in High Falls. Richard Coubhout in Milton. 24.— Mrs. V. J. Rockwell in town of Ulster. 24. — The Rev. J. AV. A. Dodge, formerly of Alarlborough, in Yonkers. Mrs. Anna Crohan in New A'ork. AVellington O. Pettit in Saugerties. Harry' U Stevens in Ellenville. 26. — Mrs. Alahalla Taylor in Ellenville. 25. — Mrs. Bridget Flanagan, formerly of Saugeriics. in New A'ork. Alts Mortimer C. Drake in Poughkeepsie. 26— Airs. Charles AV Bennett in St. Remy. 26.— Funeral of Aliss A1eta Heath In Ellenville. Patrick Cody of Rosendale in New York. 27. — Minerva Alvers in Albanv. 27. — Airs S. It. ll.-aty In Lloyd. John E. Carrie iu Alarlborough. William Coddingtnn ill Accord. Airs. J. V Schoonmaker buried in Accord. 28. — Robert Tompkins in Cedar Grove. 2ft. — Russell L. Kort right in New York. Airs. John W. Monte In Ellenville. Irving W. Cram in Saugerties. 30. — Airs. Peter DuBois in Slelghtshurgh. P. H. Decker in Ellenville. .",i. gnes McCaffrey at Sawkill. 21. — Frederick Oldenburg in New Salem. THE lilt I : RECORD. Dii mage Done by Kin- in Hie Year l (Mm. The fires for the year, as compiled from the records nf Chief Engineer Rodney A. Chipp of the tire department, follow: JANUARY. 2. — Box 47. brick building owned by Hutton estate. Third avenue, damage slight. ft. — Box 75. store of A. D. Rose. Franklin street. 111 tUmage, 12.— Shed in Miller's Lane, slight damage. 15. — Still alarm, chimney fire. 141 North Front street. 26. — Bex 27. chicken coop, Alieel street, supposed incendiary origin. No damare. 27.— Box in. tarn of J. nine, Nwklrk avenue. |3O0 less. 28.— still alarm, tpontaneoaa eonv bustlon at Storehouse of Wilson *i AA'olven. O'N.il str..t. Sliy-iu damage. FEBRUARY. 8.— Box 57. ban Of Airs. Owen Mooney. Susan street. $500 damage. Bex 55. house of Aladden estate, Ten- Broerk avenue, damaged 140. Box 41!. store of William Reardon, 146 Broadway, less $22. 11— Box 07. house of Tilden Smith H. >>>>>'•-> si , .... , toss Bl.eoo. .stoat a*, shoa stars of .lat-ob Harris. Broadway: I6JS60 less on contents, $571 on building owned by Misses Atkinson. 22.— Box 54. l.arn of K Schirick. Tubby street, loss $115. 26.— Box 61. house of L. Diets O'Neit street. $1,600 less on building; $800 on contents. MARCH. 1.— Box 7:1. shop of James Austin, Van Deusen street, damaged $115. 10.— Still alarm, bam of American Cigar Company, slight damage. 12. -Still alaim. barn of .1. P. Leuff- BBB, MO Broadway, slight damage. 16.— Box M, Twaalf skill hose house. $.ln damage. Still alarm, store of Charles .1. Alessinger, 141 Broadway. Less on contents $2.7:12: building $A!U. 17.— Box 86. Ragle Hotel damaged $1611. Box It,- liatn of E. T. AlcGill. 290 Broadway, Might damage. Still alarm, tor ties hurtling in north yard. 26. — Box 72. overheated stove in house of E. F. Lane, Van Deusen street. Slight damage. 2.1.— Bex 2".. shoe -'ore or Jacob J. Baker, Broadway. Loaa 81.125 on contents: $805 on building owned by- Kennedy estate. APRIL. 1.— Brush fire on Llndsley hill. 2.— Still alarm, house of George Smith. Hunter street, damaged $52. Still alarm, office Charles T. Coutant. Fair street, caused by cigarette. $79. Box 46. frame barn Olio Liskie, Delaware avenue, $150 loss, no insurance. 7— Box 41. chimney tire of Anna Bubolz, Third avenue, $5 loss. AVoods in rear of alms house 8.— Box 78, fire in closet ofTJr. Sahler's sanitarium, resulting In death of Airs Ethel Alurtay: $2*,:. damage to building and contents. Still alarm for brush tiro on Flatbush avenue 14— Box 57. building of William I«twton. Prime street, slight damage, incendiary origin. 17— Still alarm, chimney fire. No. 824 AVall street. 22.— Chimney fire. 62, Fair street. $25 loss. MAY. 1.— Chicken coop of C. D. Lantry. Ill Downs street, damaged $26. 6— Still alarm, slight fire, 114 Abeel street, no damage. 13— House of Mn. C. Roach, Pearl otreet. caused by child playing with matches. Cornelia Roach, aged 4 yeare, badly burned, death resulting. 24. — Chimney fire, house of C. I.ars.ii, 46 Hunter street. K.— Mil alarm, mattress at Eagle Hotel, slight damage. House of .laniea Otterhoudt, 94 Green street, slight damage. JUNE. , 4— Box 49. barn of Abram Basch, East Union street, loss $890.82 on content, $515.20 on building. 17. — Box 49, barn of AI. I^rkin estate. Chambers street, slight damage. 1»— Still alarm, store of 8. Rosenthal, 55 Brnsdwav. curtain burned. 26 Boa Bl, box car on West Shore railroad.

Still alarm, slight fire In court house. pile of rags, 26. — Cook house of lamea Cnllen, Abeel sheet, slight. 29.— Box 28. house, of Quigl.y estate. Spring street. Still alarm. diinTp on Souih Pine street . Still alarm, barn of Hayes estate, Prince sweet. Jl'LY. 2. — Box 27. house of .1 H. tllcnnon. Ravine street, caused by lamp explosion, damage $4. 5— Still alarm for brush fire on West O'Reilly street. 6. — Trolley car, defective wiring, slight damage. 8. — Dump fire North street. Dump fire O'Reilly street 15— Box M, slight tire in house of A. Ellsworth. Snyder avenue. Box 65. barn of J. AlcGuire, Albany avenue, damaged $200. 21. — Box 17. stone house of St. lihins estate. Ponckhockie street, $2.2uo less. 25. — Still alarm, A. Carr, Lucas tvenue. damage $25 26.— Barn of Airs. Janus Ostrander. 77 Alain street. AUGUST. 2..— House of Airs. Elizabeth Butler. 96 Clifton avenue, loss $150 on house and $10 on contents. 22. — Box 12. barn of Simon Siller. Meadow street, loss $612 50. H— House of Al. Lockwood, Bclvidere street, loss $10n. 20.— Steamer Norvvith of Cornell line, loss $li',000. SEPTEMBER 6.— Chimney ftre, 115 Bpiing street. 11. — Dump fire. Sunnier street. It.— Dump fire. Sumner sfeet tin. — Awning at West Shore depot burned. OCTOBER 4. — Dump tire. Siimue, street. 5. — Still alarm. In use of W. Isenian. O'Reilly street, damns'.. $32. Box V, shop of John Hudler, Lavan street, loss $1.0n0. 20.— Still alarm, chimney Ire bOBte of Mrs. Catherine Madden, i"2 Broadway. 25.— Slight fire at post": ; Strand. Still alarm. I 28.— Box 57. balldlng Of Samuel Meeker, Hoffman street, lota $7io. Boa 57. building of William Lawton, Prime street. Slight damage. 81.— Torrey building. Weal O'Reilly street, slight. Still alarm. Murphy building. North Front street, sligni. NOVEMBER ::.— Box :;4. frame building, Abeel street and Wilbur a I upset, slight damage. 13.— Bgploelon of ga lit ne at Dr. Sahler's sanitarium, slight damage. Ill— Mux <:ir. no-th yard, caused by cverheated ...vie. 21— Still alarm, Bailey, building. Broadway and O'Nell street, chimney fire, slight damage. 21.— Box 7:1. otl'ue of Kingston (las and Electric Company. 109 Broadway. loss $.15. 25.— House of James rwrrssa., Albany avenue. t2.iHHl„ti luJsse, and SL-48& on contents. ' V. 27 Still alarm, defectlvV c.MmnVv Leventhal building. Wall street, Blight Slight file IB llOV Hell- stOl, |,| |( eve, Broadway. DECEAlBElt. ::.— House of A. S. Staples. _s; Broadway. $10 damage. 4 —Building of Israel Avenet, Easl Union afreet, tire in bed, s'igt.i 5.— Still alarm, lor chimney fire house of John Halloran. West Strand 7. — House <! Reuben Bernard, '.' ten street, damage $15. 1.. Boa aa, wind house of .Margaret Bergan. Purvis street, llainaglnt Still alarm, slight daiiuit- to house. 122 Jansen avenue. 20— Alarm for smoke in saloon ot N A. Schermcihorn 23. — Boat house of Webster Hurhans in Ponckhockie destroyed. 26. Store of MohtoaB Company on Wall street burned. Loss. 50,-1100.

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