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Scarsdale Inquirer, Volume 00000000, July 9 1926, Page 10

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Personal Paragraphs

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Dillingham, 1 of Weaver street, gave a dinner July S, Jol to celel>ratc the golden anniversary of has Mrs. Dillingham's parents, Mr. and for Mrs. William F. Shedinger, of Philadelphia, who arc visiting theni. The other guests were Mrs. Dillingham's roa sister, Mrs. A. S. Haedrich, of Asbury Park; her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shedinger, , Jr.. of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Lan George Scattergood, of Philadelphia, Mr who are cousins, and Mrs. Shedinger's cot onlv sister, Mrs. D. S. Jones and her 1 daughters, the Misses Jones, of East Orange, N. J. fan to Miss Marie Arnold, daughter of Mr. S ur and Mrs. Dan Hinckley Arnold, of Fox Meadow road, left last week to spend the rest of the summer in Camp Ohuivo, Oxford, Maine. Her vls Ol" brother, Dan Hinckley, Jr., has gone to Camp Maquam, in Vermont. Dr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Ryan, of the " r Post road, motored to Middletown, ( "'' l Conn., Thursday, where Dr. Ryan sls played golf with the delegate from the Middletown Rotary to the convention at c |( Denver, which Dr. Ryan attended as yj, the Scarsdale delegate. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Culver, of WJ Fox Meadow road, entertained six of t | l( their friends and their families at an informal supper before going to see the display of fireworks at the Ameri- Ci can Yacht Club, last Saturday night. Jh Mr. and Mrs. Murray Howe have sold their house, on Old Army road, ro and have gone to Deer Island, Maine, da for the summer. On their return to Westchester they will make their home B with their daughter in Bronxville. T Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hyatt, of Scarsdale, spent last week-end holiday with Mrs. Hyatt's brother and sister-in-law, t0 Mr. and Mrs. George Bates, of Ma- tr maroneck, at their summer home, r " Penny Farm, Pawling, N. Y. 11 A Miss Louise Van Doren and her te brother, Master Benjamin Van Doren, to have returned with their aunt, Mrs. sf Raymond Baker, who has been visit- tc ing in Scarsdale, to spend a month in Cleveland, Ohio. rc Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Hill, of Glenwood road; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Elliott, of Edgemont road, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Puckhafer, of Edgemont road, are spending July at Lake Placid. Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Shields and c: family, formerly of Heathcote road, al who have recently been living in New 1' York, have returned to Scarsdale, where they have taken a house on the 5 Post road. N Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Ditmars, h of Post road, Scarsdale, left Wednes- E day for an extensive cruise of the si Mediterranean, after which they will tl spent several weeks touring the Con- 1 tinent. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bottomley, Q of Church lane, spent last week-end j with Mr. Bottomley's brother and j sister-in-'law, Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence Bottomley, on Long Island, j Mrs. Adrina Peterkin, who is the manager of The Neighborly Inn, on Grand street. New York city, has opened her tea house, Honey Bee Farm, in Chappaqua, for the summer. Captain Frederick C. Maag, of the ( 320 th Infantry, U. S. A., spent last p week-end with Mr. and Mrs. William r P. Waters. Mr. Waters and Captain r Maag served together during the war. t r Mrs. A. E. Davis and her sons, £ Masters Clay and Kirkwood, and Mrs. { Emma Myers have gone to Murray r Bay, Canada, for the summer. Dr. j Davis will join them for August. t Dr. George W. Murdock and his daughter, Miss Marion Murdock, of j New York city, are spending July at • the Scarsdale Lodge, School lane, 1 Scarsdale. ' Miss Sally Whitmore, of Wethers- i field, Conn., formerly of Scarsdale, was , the guest the past week of Miss Georgia Anna Clark, of Cohawney road, Fox Meadow. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Jackson, of Bretton road, spent the holiday weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Lyster C. Reighley, at Madison, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. D. Gristede and their daughters, Dorothy and Margaret, of Reimer road, left yesterday to spend several weeks in the West. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Flaacke, of New Haven, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McMillan, of Clarenumt avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Van Doren, of Walbrooke road, spent last weekend in Did wick, New York, with Mr. Van Uuren's mother. Mr. Wendel Reynolds, of Bridgeport, Conn., is spending a week with his par- j ent>, Mr. and Mrs. l'aul W. Ueyiiolds, i of Heathcote road. '

= a I Hora Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs. ( John H. Jackson, of the Post road, i has gone to a camp in Pennsylvania for a month. Mrs. N. McGec Waters, of Madison 1 road, leaves today to spend a week 1 with Mr. and Mrs. A, F. Hebard, in 1 Dennis, Mass. ' i Admiral Anstey, of London, England, spent last week-end with Mr. and , Mrs. William Wotherspoon, of Heath- | cote road. . Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Shonk and family, of Heathcote road, have gone ' to Dublin, New Hampshire, for the summer. , Mrs. Harold Lance and her daughter, Nan, of Madison road, have gone to . visit Mrs. Lance's family in Ashtabula, , Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Failing, of . Bretton road, spent last week-end in Gloversville, visiting Mr. Failing's ! sister. Mr. Gardener Wood, of New York ' city, spent last week-end with Mr. and ' Mrs. John H. Jackson, of Scarsdale. Mrs. Collin Armstrong, of the Cross- way, left Tuesday by motor to spend ' the week in Syracuse. i : Mr. and Mrs. Muscoe Garnett, of - Circle road, spent last week-end in Jamestown, R. I. e Mr. Kilburn R. Brown, of Glenwood |, road, entertained at luncheon Wednes- A 4-

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