Bronxville Review

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Bronxville Review (30 January 1902 - 1 April 1937)
Also published as:
The Review (1902-1909)
The Bronxville press (1925-1937)
The Bronxville review-press (1937-1953)
Review Press and Reporter (1953-2000);
Review Press (2000-2007);
Review Press Express (2008-2009)
Available online:
Jan 3, 1902-Dec 31, 1909;
Jan 5, 1912 - Apr 1, 1937;
(1713 issues)
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Contributing Organization:
Scarsdale Public Library (1916)
Bronxville History Center and Bronxville Public Library (1902-1915,1917-1936)

The Bronxville Review began publication in Bronxville, NY, on Thursday, January 23, 1902 as The Review, “A weekly Journal of the Town of Eastchester.” It was established by William Van Duzer Lawrence, the developer of Lawrence Park, a residential enclave overlooking Bronxville’s New York and Harlem Railroad station. Lawrence intended The Review “to expose to the tax payers . . . a ring of corrupt politicians who had long been preying on the public in the town of Eastchester.” Managed by Lawrence’s youngest son, Dudley B. Lawrence, the newspaper remained under the controlling hand of the Lawrence family as a voice in the village until early 1936. Launched as a Republican paper, The Review clashed with a pre-existing Democratic weekly, The Eastchester Citizen-Bulletin, published in Tuckahoe, NY., which was eventually absorbed by The Tuckahoe Record. Read more