Bronxville Reporter

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Bronxville Reporter (11 October 1940 - 26 March 1953)
Also published as:
The Bronxville Review Press and Reporter (April 2, 1953-Oct. 8, 2009);
Review Press and Reporter (Jan. 6, 1955-Jan. 28, 1965);
Review Press-Reporter (Feb. 4, 1965-July 6, 2000);
Review Press (July 13, 2000-Sept. 28, 2000);
Review Press Express (Oct. 2, 2008 - October 8, 2009)
Available online:
Oct 11, 1940 - Sep 26, 1941;
Jan 3, 1946-Mar, 26 1953
(498 issues)
Copyright Status:
Public Domain
Contributing Organization:
Bronxville History Center and Bronxville Library

The Bronxville Reporter, a weekly newspaper owned and staffed by Bronxville residents, began publication in January 1940. On May 6, 1948, The Reporter produced a six-section, 52 page Golden Jubilee edition filled with articles on Bronxville’s history to mark the 50th anniversary of the village’s incorporation. The Reporter published until April 2, 1953 when it was merged with a competitor, The Bronxville Review-Press. (The Review-Press had been itself the product of a 1937 merger of The Bronxville Review and The Bronxville Press.) The combined papers continued life as the Bronxville Review-Press and Reporter under the new ownership of the Westchester County Publishers, Inc., a group of county newspapers that included four other weeklies and eight dailies. The newspaper was purchased by the Gannett Company in April 1964. With the advent of the Bronxville Review Press and Reporter in 1953, Bronxville’s news was no longer covered by a paper that was owned and operated by village residents. The newspaper continued publishing under several variants of the original name into 2009, after which it ceased publication as a stand-alone weekly.