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Kingston Daily Freeman (31 December 1892 - 31 December 1959)
Also published as:
Rondout Daily Freeman (1871-1872)
Daily Freeman (1872-1878)
Daily Freeman(1969-Present)
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Dec 31 (1892-1894);
Aug 28, 1895 - Oct 17, 1895;
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Jan 1, 1903 - Jan 1, 1913;
Dec 31, 1913;
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July 12, 1917 -July 13, 1917;
July 16, 1917 - July 17, 1917;
Jan 1 (1918-1921);
Jan 2, 1922;
Jan 1 (1923-1927);
Jan 2, 1928;
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Jan 2, 1933;
Jan 1 (1934-1938);
Jan 2, 1939;
Dec 31 (1940-1943)
Dec 30, 1944;
Dec 31 (1945-1949);
Dec 30, 1950;
Dec 31 (1951-1959);
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Ulster County Genealogical Society
The news of the year pages from the Kingston Freeman for the years 1913 to 1957 including marriages, deaths are also on line thanks to the Ulster County Genealogical Society.

The Rondout Daily Freeman made its first appearance on October 18, 1871, as a four-page, Monday-through-Saturday newspaper.

The newspaper changed its name from the Rondout Daily Freeman to the Kingston Daily Freeman, when the villages of Rondout and Kingston merged.

In 1891, Jay E. Klock, 25, became the newspaper's owner. It was under his guidance that the newspaper moved from what one historian called a small and insignificant paper to an institution respected and revered throughout the county and one of the most successful of all businesses.

Klock died in 1936, and his widow, Lucia, published the paper until 1966, when it was purchased by the noted television producers Mark Goodson and William Todman.

In October 1971, the newspaper began publication of a Sunday edition, ceasing its Saturday edition. In November 1974, it moved its headquarters for the first time in 63 years, taking over, renovating and expanding a former supermarket building in uptown Kingston. Simultaneously, the newspaper installed new, modern presses and computerized typesetting equipment.

In April 1987, in part to meet changing reading habits, and also to better facilitate newspaper delivery, the Daily Freeman became an A.M. or morning newspaper.

In 1998, the Daily Freeman was sold by the Goodson Newspaper Group to Journal Register Company. Within three months, it launched a Saturday edition, making it a seven-day-a-week publication for the first time in its history.

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