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Bronxville Press (20 February 1925 - 1 April 1937)
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Feb. 20, 1925-Dec. 30, 1930
Jan. 1, 1932-Dec. 30 1930
Jan. 2, 1934-Apr. 1 1937
(833 issues)
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Public Domain
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Bronxville History Center and Bronxville Library

The Bronxville Press began publishing in Bronxville, NY on February 20, 1925. Launched by a group of Bronxville and Tuckahoe businessmen who had “felt for sometime that [Bronxville] and the surrounding territory should have a full-size, independent, non-political newspaper,” it was designed to compete with The Bronxville Review. The Bronxville Review had been in existence since 1902, as “A weekly Journal of the Town of Eastchester.” Established by William Van Duzer Lawrence, the developer of Bronxville’s Lawrence Park and other areas of Bronxville, The Review had long been considered a Lawrence family vehicle.

The Bronxville Press was published weekly (1925-1926, 1935-1937) or twice a week (1927-1934) during the next 12 years. As of April 8, 1937, its new owner, Bronxville resident Richard H. Price, merged it with The Bronxville Review, which he had purchased in March 1936, and the new publication became The Bronxville Review-Press. In January 1940 a new weekly competitor, The Bronxville Reporter, owned and staffed by Bronxville residents, was launched. It published until April 2, 1953 when the two papers merged under new ownership as The Bronxville Review Press and Reporter. That newspaper was purchased by the Gannett Company in April 1964 and continued publishing under several variants of the original name into 2009, after which it ceased publication as a stand-alone weekly.