The [Tuckahoe] Daily Record

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The [Tuckahoe] Daily Record (1 October 1929 - 31 December 1929)
Also published as:
The Tuckahoe Record (1925-1931)
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Oct. 1 1929-Dec. 31, 1929
(77 issues)
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Public Domain
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Eastchester Town Hall

The Daily Record, a daily newspaper that carried some national news and features, began publication in Tuckahoe, NY on October 1, 1929. It was a combination of three prior weeklies: The Tuckahoe Record, The Tuckahoe Press and the already subsumed Eastchester Citizen-Bulletin. The Tuckahoe Record had begun publication in 1925 as “Republican in principal: independent in policy” and focused on news of the Waverly and Tuckahoe sections of the Town of Eastchester and also covered events in Bronxville. The Tuckahoe Press was a 1927 spin off of The Bronxville Press, which had itself been established in 1925 by a group of Bronxville and Tuckahoe businessmen as an “independent, non-political newspaper” serving Bronxville, the town of Eastchester and adjoining areas. The Eastchester Citizen-Bulletin, founded in 1891, had been acquired by The Bronxville Press in 1925 and merged into its operations in 1927.

The Daily Record, launched days after the 1929 Stock Market Crash, lasted only three months, ceasing publication at the end of 1929. The Tuckahoe Record immediately resumed weekly publication.