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Miscellany News (6 February 1914 - 5 December 2013)
Also published as:
Miscellany News Supplement (1914-1915)
Vassar Miscellany Weekly (1915-1917)
Vassar Miscellany News (1917-1969)
The Misc (1969-1972)
The Miscellany News (1972-Present)
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Feb 6, 1914 - Dec 5, 2013;
(3287 issues)
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Vassar College Library

Vassar College's Miscellany News was born in 1914. Its original purpose was as a journalistic supplement to the Miscellany Monthly, the college's student-run literary magazine. By 1917, however, the goals of the two publications had diverged and the News divorced itself from the Monthly.

Although it has undergone significant structural adjustments, as well as a number of title changes in its nearly 100 years of publication, the paper has maintained its role as Vassar's principal student publication and an important source of information about Vassar College events, activities and issues of import.